Veteran Pilot Spots UFO Orb above North Carolina Mountains, Expert Says It's Not Comet

An expert who analyzed the UFO images assured that the bright orb that appeared in the skies was not a comet

It was in 2017 that the Pentagon admitted that it has carried out a secret UFO search program named Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Even though the results of this mission remain unknown, UFO sightings in various parts of the globe have increased drastically, leading to speculations that range from alien vessels to secretive military crafts. And now, a veteran pilot has claimed to have spotted a bright orb above North Carolina mountains.

Bright Orb That Appeared in Broad Daylight

A news report published in Charlotte Observer reveals that the alleged UFO sighting happened on a sunny late morning in June, and the incident was witnessed by an 88-year-old pilot named Charles Cobb. According to Cobb, the flying object that appeared in the skies was round and irregular.

bright orb
Photograph captured by the veteran pilot Charles Cobb

Very similar to the testimonials shared by pilots who witnessed the tic-tac UFO, Cobb claimed that the flying object suddenly plummeted tens of thousands of feet before soaring high up in the skies again.

Cobb who had worked as a pilot for 45 years revealed that he has never seen anything like the one that appeared in the skies of North Carolina in his life. The veteran pilot also successfully photographed some images of the bright orb. Shockingly, the flying object disappeared for some minute, but it soon reappeared and soared high in the skies.

Expert Analysis on Cobb's UFO images

The images captured by Cobb was later analyzed by Bernard Arghiere, board advisor with the Astronomy Club of Asheville. The expert assured that the object that appeared in the skies was not a comet.

"Definitely not a comet. There is no reported astronomical object, certainly not a comet, in the sky that would appear that bright on that June 12, 2020. There were no comets then that would be that bright, so they would be visible in the daytime sky. It really looks to me more like sunlight reflected off a distant jet and its related condensation trail; typically, that would disappear from sight in less than 20 minutes," said Arghiere, Charlotte Observer reports.

However, Cobb revealed that the shape of the object clearly indicated that it was not an airplane. He also made it clear that a plane passing through his viewing area would have been disappeared in a matter of a few minutes.