Is US spying on other countries using anti-gravity vessels made with alien technology?


An anonymous whistleblower who claimed to have worked with RCA, an American electronics company, has claimed that the US has been using alien technology for years and they have already mastered the technique of developing anti-gravity space vessels.

As reported by, the whistleblower claimed that these vessels were made with alien technology. These are now commonly used to spy other countries and also made it clear that this information is kept under the wraps from the general public.

Details of the whistleblower's claims

The whistleblower revealed that he first came to know about the details of alien technology while working with RCA some years ago. During his tenure there, he encountered an office memo which describes how one of his colleagues successfully tested an anti-gravity vehicle. The memo also revealed that this technology, developed by the whistleblower's colleague, can be used for creating free energy which may erase the energy drought all across the globe.

The mysteries of Nikola Tesla and the alleged TR-3B

Conspiracy theorists have several times claimed that legendary physicist Nikola Tesla had built a flying saucer-like device in the final days of his life and he had applied for a patent for it. As per those theorists, the prototype of this flying saucer was made with anti-gravity technology and it can be used for space travel in quick time.

The theorists also alleged that officers from FBI had seized all the manuscripts of Tesla after his death so that details regarding anti-gravity vessels can be hidden from the general public.

In the meantime, sightings of triangular UFO have drastically increased in the past few years and the recent spotting happened in the North Korean border. A few days ago, a spacecraft literally resembling the alleged TR-3B, the confidential craft developed by the US Air Force during the Gulf war was spotted in Seoul, South Korea. As the video of the UFO sighting went viral, conspiracy theorists strongly assured that it was a secret vessel developed by the US to spy on North Korea's nuclear activities.

This article was first published on June 16, 2018