Aliens behind eruption? UFOlogist spots UFO flying over Hawaii volcano


Hawaii witnessed the chaos of its lifetime as Kilauea volcano eruption resulted in massive destruction everywhere. Now, Ufologist Pedro Ramirez has spotted a UFO flying over Hawaii which made many to think that aliens are behind the dreaded eruption.

The ufologist made this startling discovery after analyzing images obtained via Google Maps, Daily Star reports.

The UFO was apparently spotted in the skies of Punaluu Black Sand Beach, and Ramirez strongly believes that this object might be a flying alien spaceship came from outer space.

"We know UFOs are present in areas with volcanic activity and Kilauea is no exception. This is confirmed by the extraordinary capture of Google Maps achieved from Punalum'u Black Sand Beach, located a few kilometres from the volcano. In the images we can seen an 'Ovni Oval' on the palm trees facing the sea, the dark tone of the object contrasts perfectly with the grey sky," said Ramirez, Daily Star reports.

However, skeptics believe that the object spotted by Ramirez is a mere drone.

This is not the first time that a UFO is getting spotted over a volcano. A few months ago, a black flying object was spotted over the Yellowstone volcano, and many people claimed that aliens are visiting the area for regular monitoring. Many conspiracy theorists even argue that aliens are getting ready for a disclosure.

The new sighting came just days after another UFO was spotted in the skies of Colorado. The black diamond-shaped UFO was seen flying across the skies, almost 2000 feet from ground level, and at times, it erratically moved defying all laws of physics. However, skeptics assured that the object spotted in the skies was actually a plastic bag floating in the wind.

A similar sighting happened in Orange County last week, where a Californian lady spotted a UFO emitting blue lights hovering in the sky.

This article was first published on May 15, 2018