Christian militants believe devil deploys aliens to destroy earth


A group of Christian militants has now claimed that the devil has sent aliens to destroy earth. As per these theorists, the beginning of apocalypse has already begun on September 23, 2017, and humans are now going through the tribulation period characterized by various natural disasters including giant earthquakes, mammoth tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.

Proponents of this apocalyptic theory claim that constellation Virgo appeared in the skies on September 23 just a month after the great solar eclipse in the United States. Conspiracy theorists believe that this phenomenon is the 'great sign' mentioned in the book of revelation, which also talks about a woman appearing in the sky. Now, a group of extreme Christian militants believes that other signs from the Bible are hinting that an alien invasion is imminent on the earth.

"Unfortunately for this world, those who are coming are not cute little friendly ecologists with solutions for our ills. They're more akin to the creatures in A Quiet Place" – where monsters invade Earth," wrote 'Unsealed', the Christian conspiracy theory website.

The website reveals that Bible has given sufficient signs in the book of revelation which indicates a possible alien invasion in the near future.

The book of revelation stated, "The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth and his angels with him. I'm not an alien from outer space. I am a demonic fallen angel. I am not extraterrestrial, I am interdimensional. No, I don't come in peace. I come in the name of Satan and my purpose is to deceive, harm and destroy you."

As the new revelation became viral on online spaces, conspiracy theorists strongly argue that the recent anomalies spotted in the sky, including the increased number of UFO sightings and it is a solid sign of imminent apocalyptic events.

However, self-proclaimed Christian numerologist David Meade recently predicted that rogue planet Nibiru will appear in the skies between May and December 2018. Meade stated, the arrival of Nibiru will increase the numbers of natural disasters on earth for the next seven years and it will be followed by thousand years of peace and after the peaceful years, the world will end forever.