US Secretary of Defense says cosmos is a developing warzone


Just a few months after Donald Trump, the United States president asked the military to form a space force, James Mattis, the US Secretary of Defence has now said that cosmos is a developing warzone.

The comments made by Mattis directly supports the views of Donald Trump who strongly believes that a space force is the need of the century.

On August 07, 2018, Mattis told the reporters that space is slowly developing as a war domain, and a combat command is something the United States can create. It should be noted that James Mattis was one among the few bureaucrats who apparently opposed the idea of Trump's move to start a space force in the initial days. But now, it seems Mattis is quite convinced with Trump's idea, and his recent comments indicate that a space force is as crucial as the army and the air force to protect both the country and the entire planet.

Mattis' comments soon went viral on the online spaces, and conspiracy theorists, as usual, welcomed it warmly. Many conspiracy theorists argued that the recent comment made by James Mattis is an indirect admission of the existence of alien life. As per these theorists, Donald Trump's sudden decision to start a fully fledged space force indicates that advanced alien species from deep space are now in their course to attack our planet.

Popular conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania' also uploaded a video based on the comments made by James Mattis, and viewers were quick to share their thoughts on this regard.

"There's been a so-called space force for years. Or do you think all the trillions of dollars that have disappeared has it been going? Not to mention the fact that now since the war on terror is slowing down so much they need to justify the military spending by not only spending black budget money but they need to justify the spending of other monies. Such as the billions that they used to spend on terrorism is slowing down and those billions need to go somewhere else. They're definitely not going to go any place that benefits the American taxpayer," commented The Unlawful System, a YouTube user.

"Aliens are demonic, a false flag invasion will be used to bring in NWO. This is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about," commented Can't Stop This, another YouTuber.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists argues that the United States government has been working hand-in-glove with a particular alien group called 'reptilians' for years. These theorists claim that the enemies of reptilians are now aiming to wage a war against earth after knowing the companionship between humans and reptilians.

This article was first published on August 11, 2018