UFO researcher spots huge alien mothership whizzing past Saturn

YouTube: mavi777

An amateur astronomer has apparently filmed an eerie sighting of a UFO whizzing past Saturn on August 04, 2018.

The video was shared on YouTube by conspiracy theory channel 'Mavi777', and many conspiracy theorists soon jumped to the conclusion that the strange object spotted near Saturn is a concrete proof of alien life.

"At around 22.30 today, I decided to film Saturn with a new way of doing the tuning, knowing that Saturn is at of the Sun between 1349,467375 million kilometres and 1503,983449 million kilometres either about 9 UA Astronomical Unit. it's not the door to go :) and here is what I filmed ..... what do you think? meteorite? satellite?" wrote the witness, as per Mavi777.

At the first glance, it is very difficult to spot the UFO, but when played in slow motion, the object becomes visible. After analyzing the clip, many conspiracy theorists argued that the object is an alien mothership which has reached our solar system from deep space.

However, sceptics dismissed the extraterrestrial angle and made it clear that it was a speeding meteorite misinterpreted as an alien spaceship in the video.

In the same upload, 'mavi777' released the visuals of a strange glowing object in the skies of Kazakhstan. As the video went viral, apocalypse believers started claiming that Nibiru has appeared in the skies. Doomsday mongers believe that rogue planet Nibiru is in its collision course towards planet earth, and once it makes an impact, it will trigger massive disasters in all nooks of the planet. As per these theorists, the recent earthquakes in Indonesia has happened due to Nibiru's gravitational pull. Recently, popular Christian author Michael Snyder has also revealed that the increasing number of natural disasters in the world is the sign of an imminent doomsday.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that aliens are constantly visiting earth to inform us about an imminent apocalypse which may wipe out life from the planet.

This article was first published on August 8, 2018
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