Green UFO spotted in Siberian sky; Experts dismiss meteorite angle


Alien enthusiasts are all in a state of ecstasy after a green UFO was spotted recently in the skies of West Siberia. At the first glance, the glowing UFO literally resembled a meteorite, but after analyzing the footage, space experts argued that meteorites could not travel at such a low speed.

The news of the weird UFO sighting soon went viral on Russian media. A popular Russian TV channel claimed that the object in the skies could be either a meteor or an alien ship. Some other people claimed that the green light in the skies could be the result of a Russian missile launch. However, Russian emergency services made it clear that there were no missile launches in the particular timeframe, and also clarified that no reports of meteorites or other mystery objects hitting the ground have been recorded.

Professor Mikhail Larionov, of the Urals Federal University, strongly dismissed the meteor angle and made it clear that a meteor could never travel in such a slow speed especially when it is being influenced by the gravity of earth.

"The trajectory of the object's fall is quite flat and its speed is quite slow, proceeding from this, we presume this was space debris burning up. The Chelyabinsk meteorite in 2015 had streaked across the sky at a much higher speed," said Larionov, Daily Mail reports.

After analyzing the recent UFO video over West Siberia, Larionov said that the object was travelling at a speed of approximately 5 miles per second. As per Larionov, normal meteorites fall at a speed between 6 and 45 miles per second.

As experts dismissed the meteor angle, conspiracy theorists blatantly jumped to the conclusion that the green UFO spotted in the skies is actually an alien mothership from deep space. These theorists also alleged that aliens are now gearing up for invading earth, and the UFO spotted in West Siberia could be a scout ship which reached our planet to analyze the conditions here.

The new UFO sighting was reported in Siberia, just a month after another similar incident happened in the United States. On July 09, 2018, a strange fireball with a weird trajectory was spotted in the skies of Arbor Lakes, Minnesota. Eyewitnesses revealed that the fireball appeared in the skies also had a fiery whitetail.

This article was first published on August 10, 2018