US preacher claims apocalypse is near and will start from California


Christian preacher Lois Vogel Sharp has claimed that an apocalypse is imminent and it is going to start from California.

In a video which has been widely circulating online, Vogel is seen saying that God has sent her a very private message during her sleep regarding an imminent apocalypse and she is revealing this message just because the society and the authorities should know about it.

Louis argued that the apocalypse is nearing California due to the 'arrogant' laws, especially the new abortion norms prevailing in the state.

"I have rebuke for you, California, and the arrogance of going against the laws of your land. You think you can silence my words of truth to the world by taking it upon yourselves to proclaim your own rules and regulations. Woe unto you, California, because I have waited patiently for you to step into my truth," she continues. And you have arrogantly not only created your own laws but have moved in the direction of killing the unborn and allowing such abominations in my sight," Lois quoted the words of God, Daily Star reports.

As per Lois, God has informed her that such actions including the killing of unborn will never be tolerated. The preacher also asked Christian believers to unite as one body and prepare for the apocalypse.

This is not the first time that a Christian preacher is talking about apocalypse. Earlier, Paul Begley, renowned televangelist claimed that the blood moon which appeared on July 27 has triggered apocalypse in the planet. The televangelist argued that the rising number of natural disasters in all nooks of the planet is an indication that humans are going through the end times.

David Meade, a self-proclaimed Christian numerologist has also predicted an apocalypse this year. As per Meade, rogue planet, Nibiru is in its collision course towards earth, and it will appear in the skies before December 2018.

This article was first published on September 5, 2018