'Planet Nine' might be hiding behind Neptune and is invisible, claim scientists

Planet Nine

As conspiracy theories surrounding the existence of 'Planet Nine' take the internet to a storm, a section of top astronomers and planetary scientists believe that there could be a rogue space body that could be hiding beyond Neptune. Scientists who believe in this theory argues that the mysterious planet is now invisible to our current observatories.

Michael Brown, a top scientist at the California Institute of Technology revealed that the so-called 'Planet Nine' will be eventually discovered by astronomers in the future. Brown also added that the space in which Planet Nine stays is too dark, and as a result, the current observatories on earth could find it hard to locate the space body.

It should be noted that Michael Brown along with his colleague Konstantin Batygin had first proposed the idea of Planet Nine in front of the scientific community with some irrefutable evidence. Brown and Batygin proposed that the unknown Planet Nine could be the real reason behind the peculiar orbit of a handful of small objects in the Kuiper belt. They also suggested that these trans-Neptunian objects are being pulled by the strong gravitational field of Planet Nine.

Michael Brown and Konstantin Batygin believe that the mysterious Planet Nine would weigh between five and 20 times the mass of Earth. The giant ice body lies hundreds and up to 1,000 times farther from the sun than Earth, and as a result, it would appear extremely dim from an observatory based on earth.

As the news of Planet Nine's possible existence surfaced online, conspiracy theorists joined the party and started claiming that this space body could be actually the mythical 'Nibiru' alias 'Planet X', the rogue planet which is supposed to bring about the apocalypse on earth.

As per these theorists, the alleged planet x is now in its collision course towards earth, and once it hits, massive devastations will happen all across the planet.

This article was first published on September 3, 2018