World Bible Society's president predicts apocalypse date and it is near

Doomsday calculation
Doomsday calculation by mathematicians (Representational picture) Pixabay

F Kenton Beshore, the president of World Bible Society has predicted that the end of the world is near, and the apocalypse will happen very soon. As per Beshore, the end of the world will be around 2021, and the entire humankind will be destroyed soon.

Kenton Beshore argues that a series of signs before apocalypse are mentioned in the Bible, and these signs are slowly turning true over the past couple of years. The evangelical theologist reveals that an alien invasion will also happen before the doomsday.

As per the World Bible Society, Jesus will mark the second coming to the earth shortly after the apocalypse. Beshore made these predictions after analyzing various Biblical prophecies and he believes that the mysterious sounds and trumpets from the skies which were heard all across the world recently are an indication that the doomsday is imminent.

Beshore argues that the increase in the number of natural disasters in all nooks of the globe is an indication that human beings are going through the end times.

A video about the alarming prediction was recently uploaded to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania'. The video soon went viral on online spaces, and audiences soon put forward their thoughts on the predictions made by Beshore.

"Aliens are demonic, a false flag invasion will be used to bring in NWO. "Abductions "will be a cover for the rapture. This is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about," commented Bernadette Boyce, a YouTube user.

"The gods of myth and religion are celestial beings who did indeed create the Earth human race. Above these gods stands the One Infinite Creator, of which we are each an aspect," commented Ken Rik, another YouTuber.

However, skeptics are not convinced, and they have dismissed the predictions made by Beshore. As per these skeptics, Beshore has made claims that apocalypse will be triggered in 2018, but nothing has happened as of now.

This article was first published on August 20, 2018