US Election 2020: UK Poll Says Donald Trump Will Beat Joe Biden to Claim Second Term

As many as 80 percent of the readers backed Trump to defeat Biden to win the upcoming US presidential election.

President Donald Trump is the favorite to beat Democrat nominee and former vice-president Joe Biden in the upcoming US presidential election in November according to a poll conducted by the Daily Express.

Trump is in the running to be the President of the United States for a second term but is facing fierce competition from Biden in the weeks leading up to the Election Day on November 3.

Either candidate requires a minimum of 270 out of the 538 Electoral College votes to emerge victorious in the election. However, according to a poll conducted by the British newspaper, Trump is pegged to be re-elected.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Twitter

The poll asked readers "Who will win the US election this November" on Tuesday, August 18 and a majority of the readers backed Trump to win.

As many as 3,098 readers said Trump would defeat Biden to return to the White House to serve as the head of state for four additional years while only 666 readers (17 percent) backed Biden to come out on top. The remaining three percent (147 readers) were undecided.

'America's Last Hope'

"The USA absolutely needs Donald Trump because they are falling apart with all the rioting going on, and where a mainstream political party (Democrats) are calling for defunding the police and a move to socialist policies," said one reader.

"President Trump is America's last hope in maintaining its identity as land of the free!," commented another.


"The whole free world depends on Trump winning because we don't have any of our own politicians that even come close to being as honest as he is," opined a separate reader. Another reader believes it will be a nail-biting election, but Trump will eventually come out as the winner.

"It's going to be close - very close, but Trump always seems to pull the cat out of the bag," the reader said. "He is the incumbent, so if I were forced to place a bet, it would be on him."

A poll conducted by CNN in June had Biden up by a robust 14 percentage points. But the new poll released by the news outlet on Sunday showed his lead slimming all the way down to just 4 percent and only 1 percent in the 15 battleground states, as previously reported.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden Wikimedia Commons

Biden officially kicked off his bid for the White House at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on Monday with California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate for Vice President. The DNC opened with endorsements from Bernie Sanders and former First Lady Michelle Obama, who bluntly urged the American people not to vote "the wrong president for our country" back into the White House.

Trump, who is trailing in many of the other opinion polls, retaliated by slamming Obama on Twitter. He also attacked the Biden/Harris bid and warned that the Democrats would cripple the US economy ahead of rallies in Minnesota, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

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