Urinating Woman Caught Giving Oral Sex to Shirtless Man in NYC Upper West Side Street

Viral image of the incident was posted by Save the Upper West Side, an online group demanding restoration of order in the area.

An unidentified woman was caught giving oral sex to a semi-naked man as she urinated on the streets of the Upper West Side in New York. The picture has gone viral on the social media sites, drawing attention towards the deteriorating conditions in one of the city's wealthiest localities.

Ever since the outbreak of the global pandemic, homelessness and crime have increased manifold in the poshest localities of New York, forcing many residents to move bases. The move has left 13,000 empty apartments for rent in Manhattan as of mid-August, the highest number in 14 years, reported Daily Mail.

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Save the Upper West Side/Twitter

Couple was Caught Unawares by the Passerby

The shocking picture was shared by a Save the Upper West Side on its Twitter page. The online group has more than 13,000 members who have been urging to restore order to the streets. Captioning the image, the user wrote: "Is oral sex the compassion needed? Quality of life no longer exists on the UWS. Would you want children to see this on Bway btw 78-79 as you walk around." The incident took place on Sunday around 9 pm.

In the picture, an unidentified woman, with her pants down, is seen giving blow job to a shirtless black man. The woman is seen crouching on the street as she goes ahead with performing the sex act.

Save the Upper West Side

Speaking to Daily Mail, Upper West Side resident Mike G, who took the picture, said that it was vile, but (this) has become norm of the area. Revealing that the woman had removed her pants to relieve herself on the sidewalk during the encounter, Mike said that the incident occurred on a Sunday night. "Not much foot traffic. There were probably one or two others that walked by. I don't usually take pictures of others' misfortunes, but this was a level of degeneracy I haven't seen out in the open in the neighborhood yet,' he told the outlet.

Residents Demand Action Against Lawlessness

The picture has drawn widespread reaction on the social media. Earlier, a member of the group told the outlet that the incident would have been unimaginable a few months ago. 'Usually children [are] enjoying an ice cream cone after an evening at the playground. Now open prostitution. The change in the neighborhood since the use of hotels as shelters in undeniable,' said the member.

"Whenever a tax paying, law abiding citizen complains about quality of life, the left thinks they're elite and racist and they're needs are of no care. Shame on the residents for continuing to vote for their representatives who don't actually represent them," expressed a user on Twitter.

"That's a normal occurrences in the subway, but in public, jeez where are the standards," wrote another.

"THIS HAS TO STOP. We have been pleading for too long! How do you sleep at night!?" read a tweet.

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