University takes U-turn, deletes press release that claimed aliens living on Mars

A few months back, a top NASA scientist had suggested that alien discovery will be made within 2021

Reptilian aliens
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It was around a few days back that Professor Emeritus William Romoser, an entomologist at Ohio University claimed to have discovered alien beings living on Mars. The entomologist made this conclusion after analyzing hundreds of different images taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover from the Red Planet. Later, the Ohio University website also published a press release that details the discovery made by Romoser.

University takes a surprising U-turn

The claims made by Romoser soon went viral, and almost all international media outlets published the news with prime preference. However, the seemingly mindblowing yet possibly outlandish claims made by Romoser were criticized by several space experts. Most of the space experts, after analyzing the finding of Romoser revealed that his discoveries are nothing but classic cases of pareidolia.

It should be noted that pareidolia is a peculiar capability of the human brain to form recognizable images on unknown patterns. As criticisms started pouring in, Ohio University deleted the press release in which Romoser assures the presence of alien life on Mars, as per a report published on

In his recent research report, Romoser had claimed that insects are living on Mars, and in one of the Martian images, a structure very similar to bees can be seen. The entomologist also added that certain photos, taken by the Curiosity rover even sported reptiles and their fossils on the Martian landscape.

Alien discovery on Mars

Several previous studies had suggested that alien life might have thrived on Mars millions of years ago. However, a section of space scientists argues that extraterrestrial life, at least in its microbial form could be still living on the Red Planet.

A few months back, Dr Jim Green, a chief scientist at NASA had suggested that alien life will be discovered on Mars by 2021. Green also added that humans are not ready to accept the realities surrounding the existence of extraterrestrials.