NASA is victim of Govt laws, compelled to hide facts about aliens, says extraterrestrial hunter

Bassett claimed that government-imposed "truth embargo" is stopping NASA from releasing information on aliens

Reptilian aliens
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Stephen Bassett, a popular alien hunter who has been urging the US government to declassify its supposed knowledge about extraterrestrials has now sensationally claimed that NASA is the victim of government laws, and this factor is compelling the United States space agency to hide facts regarding the existence of alien life.

Bassett made these remarks while talking exclusively with Daily Star Online. During the talk, the alien hunter claimed that the National Security Act is one of the most crucial factors that hinder the space agency to expose details regarding extraterrestrial life.

"They have been in a really tough spot and I feel for them and so if they are turning off the video cameras because something is flying by the space station it is not NASA being the bad guy. It's them essentially obeying the law, which is what the National Security Act is, and simply not doing anything which would, quote, endanger the truth embargo because under the act of national security it has to remain," said Bassett.

It should be noted that Stephen Bassett is the Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group, an organization that aims to end the government's alien coverup. As per Bassett, government-imposed "truth embargo" on extraterrestrial presence is stopping information on aliens being released to the public, and NASA is also a victim of it.

"I greatly respect NASA but they are in an impossible position. NASA was formed in 1958 by the Space Act and by then the government was well aware of the extraterrestrial presence but they had to have a civilian space program because the Russians were obviously in space and we had to respond," added Bassett.

A few months back, Dr Jim Green, a NASA chief scientist had claimed that alien life will be discovered before 2021. He also added that the public is not ready to accept the existence of alien life.

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