Is Undertaker bidding goodbye to WWE? His latest post triggers speculations on his retirement

After every WrestleMania in the recent years, the questions on The Undertaker's retirement have made it to headlines. Now once again, the same speculations have started doing rounds and this time, The Deadman's latest Instagram post has sparked off such rumours.

The Undertaker
The Undertaker. WWE

"It was a hell of a ride! #BoneyardMatch #WrestleMania #30years, [sic]" The Undertaker shared a picture from Bonyard match and captioned it. His words can be interpreted in either ways. While some feel that he was just talking about his experience and change in his character, others feel that he was hinting at possible retirement.

The hardcore fans of The Undertaker are confident that he is not ready to quit in this way, since the latest WrestleMania was taped without crowd due to the Coronavirus outbreak across the globe.

The Undertaker
The Undertaker. The Undertaker Instagram

The WrestleMania 36 was held at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. It was supposed to be held at at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. It was aired on Saturday and Sunday (April 4 and 5).

The Undertaker locked horns with AJ Style and the match was aired on Saturday. It was the last clash of the evening which lasted for 19 minutes. The Deadman defeated the Champ That Runs The Camp.

The Undertaker does not make regular appearance these days, yet he continues to be a show stealer. His latest match has won good response from the WWE fans.

Check out select-few Tweets of The Undertaker's fans below:

Vikram Roy Mehta: The Question Remains, How Long Can The #Deadman Continue Or If This Was His Very Last Time At #WrestleMania36?

Blake Thomas: So, #TheUndertaker returned with a different character last night. To me it felt like all his characters were pulled together to get what we saw last night. We also saw the man behind it all, Mark Calaway. His clothes reminded me of his Ministry Of Darkness days. Loved it Double exclamation mark

Rovin Barboza: @undertaker one more match in this attire. In this gimmick. Possibly next year at mania as ABA . Then retire. Thanks for making pro wrestling a piece of my nostalgia Taker. Thank you so much. #TheUndertaker #WrestleMania

Stefan Price: Last night I watched the epic battle between #theundertaker and #ajstyles in the #boneyardmatch and it delivered on the entertainment. I really loved the all the props, special effects, set dressing, and...

Rodriguez: I'm not even mad that @undertaker came back as The American Bad Ass. Boneyard match was cool but don't ever do it again. Let it be a classic. #WWE #WrestleMania #TheUndertaker #AmericanBadass

here is Matt: And with that movie ending production of #TheUndertaker burying #AJStyles that is the end of #WrestleMania Part 1 .... fair play to #WWE for putting on the best show they can in the circumstances!! Really liked the #WomemsTagTitles match, Owens/Rollins, Ladder & #Boneyardmatch