Steve Austin on Shawn Michaels: As a person, I didn't like him

Steve Austin was known for sharing good rapport with his fellow colleagues in the WWE. Unlike other stars of his generation, the Texas Rattlesnake never had serious issues with other wrestlers in the locker room which is the reason why he is commands so much of respect even today.

Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels
Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. WWE

However, Steve Austin has revealed in a podcast that he disliked Shawn Michales as a person although he respected the Heartbreak Kid's talent. "We both, Undertaker and myself, always respected Shawn's ability, his work, the talent, the things that he could do in the ring, because he was pretty much kind of unparalleled," SportsKeeda quoted him as saying.

"He was that damn good. But as a person, I didn't like him. Quite frankly, I didn't like him at all," he claimed. The Bionic Redneck took on Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 14 with Mike Tyson as the referee. Those days, there were rumours that it was difficult to deal with the Heartbreak Kid.

Also, before that match The Undertaker had reportedly warned Shawn Michaels to stick to the plan and not to do anything funny to give a bad image to Steve Austin. However, the Texas Rattlesnake stated that he is not having any animosity in real-life with Michaels, who was a different man compared to 90s.

Talking about his feud with The Rock, The Ringmaster said that they had an instant chemistry. The champs had locked horns in WrestleMania 15, 17 and 19. "We both loved working with each other and got along like gangbusters. In the ring, out of the ring, everywhere," WWE Inc quotes him as saying. Steve Austin added that his clashes with The Rock was thoroughly planned.

"It was a little bit different back then, and so if you watch that back and you can watch any one of those matches back, you're rarely going to see a call, because they are most all being protected, but there is stuff in there if I'm bending him, I'm head down or whatever, most of the time I'm calling those matches and Rock would chip in to, but we're calling stuff and we're communicating and we're listening to that crowd, mister. That's one thing, well many things about The Rock and I were similar, but his ability and my ability to feed and understand exactly what that crowd wanted, we were on the exact same page, the exact same word all of the time," Steve Austin ends.