The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch Episode 3 Preview, Spoilers

The Uncanny Counter 2 Counter Punch episode 3 will feature several action-packed scenes between the counters and the evil spirits. Both the teams recognized their enemies in episode 2. They will get ready for a real fight in the upcoming chapter. The preview for this week hints at troubled moments for senior counters Choi Jang Mul and Chu Mae Ok. Will they meet their demise while fighting for justice?

The viewers can find out by watching the mini-series this week. Episode 3 will air on tvN Saturday (August 5) at 9:20 pm KST. This chapter will feature So Mun trying to protect his team members from Hwang Pil Gwang and other evil spirits. People in Korea can watch the fantasy thriller drama on TV or the official website of the broadcasting channel.

K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, and South Africa, can watch the mini-series with subtitles on Netflix.

The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch
The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch tvN

The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch Episode 2 Recap

Previously, the counters dealt with a happy and sad situation. Do Ha Na and her teammates were eager to meet the new member. Actor Yoo In Soo portrayed the new counter Na Jeok Bong on screens. He became a counter after risking his life to save his blind date.

As the counters were waiting to meet the new member, they heard the sad news about the sudden demise of Lee Min Ji. Initial reports stated that Park Seong Uk attacked her while they were in the lift together. Later, the counters discovered the involvement of evil spirits in Min Ji's death. The counters had a brief encounter with Wong. It helped them to know the truth about Min Jin.

The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch episode 2
Yoo In Soo and Uhm Ji Yoon The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch episode 2. Twitter/tvN

Episode 3 Spoilers

The unexpected demise of Min Ji left Ma Joo Seok. He locked himself inside the house and blamed him for everything. The viewers could see a different side of him in the upcoming chapter. According to the producers, Joo Seok will showcase a chameleon-like performance in episode 3.

"Jin Sun Kyu always radiates charm through all his characters, which he pulls off. He is a meant-to-be actor that makes every role his best. His undivided commitment to examining and understanding his personality deeply impressed us. Please look forward to his chameleon-like performance that will have you crying and laughing with his every glance and line," the production team shared.