Ukrainian Women Send Their Racy Snaps To Frontline Soldiers; Here's Why

Some of the Ukrainian women are sending their racy snaps to soldiers who are fighting against Russia. An online channel has been set up to support men in the war.

The Telegram channel 'Postcards For Our Kittens' has thousands of subscribers and hundreds of racy photos and videos are uploaded on the channel every day.

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Postcards For Our Kittens Has Hundreds of Racy Photos and Videos

The channel is set up by psychologist Anna Rymarenko, 39, who claimed that she is bringing back "sexuality and love" to the country, which is starved of both after Russia invaded six months ago.

"My soldier friend made a joke 'why don't girls support soldiers by sending their nude pictures, it would really encourage them," said Rymarenko.

Images Of All Shapes Are Welcome

She and pal Dariia Pavlovska said images of all shapes and sizes were welcome but pornography is discouraged. Some contributions are naked or topless shots. Others are more artistic and involve flowers and dough-kneading, according to Daily Star.

One of the Ukrainian soldiers liked the pictures and videos saying that these visuals remind him of home.

"When I open this channel I can dream about returning home, about someone who will wait there for me," said Tim.

Pictures Include Topless Shots

Pictures include topless shots as well as hunks showing off their six-packs. But its popularity boomed — with soldiers saying it has encouraged them to keep on fighting. The network, named after Ukrainians' "Kittens" nickname for their troops, now boasts 4,000 subscribers, according to The Sun.

Contributors have been asked to post whatever they want but are strictly advised to refrain from pornography. On a daily basis, more than 100 racy pictures are being posted in the channel and nearly 60% of such content is posted by women.

One girl who posted images on the network was masseuse Taya Zhurovan, 37. "It's really nice to see people sharing beautiful emotions, loving our army," she said, according to The Sun.

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This article was first published on August 8, 2022