Ukraine Recaptures 46 Settlements; Putin's Troops Pushed Back From Large Part of Kherson Region As Kyiv Used HIMARS Missiles, Destroyed Key Bridge

Ukraine has recaptured dozens of settlements pushing back Russian troops from a large part of the Kherson region. The regional governor has confirmed that 46 settlements are back under the control of Ukraine.

Kherson region's head Dmytro Butriy elaborated that these areas have been captured in the past 24 hours and most of those areas are located in the north part of the region.

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Humanitarian Situation In Kherson is Critical

However, some of the recaptured regions are located in the south. After recapturing the areas, Butriy revealed that the humanitarian situation in the region is critical.

Citing the delicate situation, Butriy called on the authorities to evacuate people to safer regions.

Ukraine has previously boasted that the whole of Kherson - city and region - will be back under its control by September, in what would be a hammer blow for Putin, according to Daily Mail.

Ukraine Recaptured Areas After Using HIMARS

Ukraine recaptured these areas as it used HIMARS rocket artillery, given by the west, to blow up key targets behind Russia's frontline.

For the past several days, Russia's command post and ammunition depots were the prime targets of Ukrainian troops. Kyiv's fighters also targeted Putin's artillery systems, which hampered Russia's ability to attack aggressively.

Destryoing Antonovsky Bridge Paved Way To Recapture Settlements

Ukrainian attack also focused on the movements of Russia's top military officials and tried to eliminate them.

Their most powerful move came last week when they destroyed a key route to Kherson. The Antonovsky Bridge, which connects Kherson to the occupied territory of Russia, was destroyed by using missile strikes.

A nearby railway bridge and a second road, over the top of the Nova Khakovka dam, have also been damaged by rockets. It means Russia has no easy way to reinforce and resupply its troops in Kherson if Ukraine attacks, and no easy way to get troops out if they are defeated, according to Daily Mail.

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This article was first published on August 1, 2022