Who Castrated Ukrainian Soldier? Kyiv Identifies Russian Mercenary From Luhansk Group's Bryanka-SSSR Unit Who Is Notorius For His Brutality

The Russian mercenary who was filmed castrating a Ukrainian Prisoner of war has been identified. The fighter, who is from a Pro-Russia group, is notorious for his brutality and torture. The 39-year-old is believed to be from Luhansk Group's Bryanka-SSSR Unit.

Some reports and Ukrainian sources suggested that the mercenary is from Russia's Kalmykia region, which is located on the Caspian Sea.

Vitaly Aroshanov, a mercenary from the
Russian soldier who castrated Ukrainian POW Twitter

Castrator Has A Criminal Record In Russia

Some social media reports claim that the castrator, who has a criminal record in Russia, worked as a repairman in Elista, the regional capital of Kalmykia.

He was recognised in a Russian state media news report showing Luhansk forces and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov's fighters checking the ruins of the Azot factory in Severodonetsk, according to Daily Mail.

In the disturbing footage, the Russian soldier is seen using a clerical knife to castrate the Ukrainian prisoner of war, who is bound and wears the fatigues of a Ukrainian soldier.

Russian soldiers castrate Ukrainian Prisoners of War
Russian soldiers castrate Ukrainian Prisoners of War Twitter

The Russian man was pinning the victim down and shouting degrading insults at the victim.

Investigators Confirmed The Disturbing Incident Genuine

The horrific incident is confirmed as genuine by open-source investigator Aric Toler. The Bellingcat investigator.

Although, some pro-Kremlin figures have questioned the accuracy of the video claiming that the video is fake.

Some Reports Identify Castrator As Vitaly Aroshanov

The NEXTA media has identified the fighter as Vitaly Aroshanov. "A shocking video of a #Russian soldier brutally torturing and then castrating a #Ukrainian prisoner of war with a clerical knife has appeared online. According to preliminary data, the torture was carried out by Vitaly #Aroshanov, a mercenary from the "Akhmat" unit," tweeted NEXTA.

The incident has sparked outrage in Ukraine and its troops are now in the search of the Russian castrator.

Infuriated by the incident, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhailo Podolyak stated that the world needs to understand that Russia is a country of cannibals who enjoy torture and murder.
"But the fog of war will not help to avoid the punishment of the executioners. We identify everyone. We will get everyone," Podolyak tweeted.

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This article was first published on July 30, 2022