Mexican Woman Who Attempted to Lift 180Kg Barbell At Gym Crushed to Death In Front of Helpless Daughter

Do you take precautions when you go to the gym and do weightlifting with or without your fitness instructor? If not, here's what could happen to you. In a horrifying incident, a Mexican woman, who was attempting to lift a 180 kg barbell, the weight of a gorilla had a tragic death at the gym. The woman was crushed to death after she lost her balance with the heavy barbell.

The woman, whose identity remains unknown was between the age of 35 and 40. The shocking incident was caught on camera and the video has gone viral on the internet. In the shocking video, the woman at first is seen speaking to her daughter while waiting for the fitness instructor to guide her.

After sometime, she approaches the bench to attempt the 180 Kgs barbell lift. However, as soon as she does, she loses her balance and drop the barbell on her shoulder. The gym instructor, her daughter and other gym goers rushed to rescue her, but it was in vain as they realised she had died on the spot after being crushed by the heavy barbell while her daughter stood near her.

Woman dies while attempting to lift 180 kgs
web screen grab

Well this is not the only gym death that has ever taken place. In June 2021, a young student, 22, died suddenly in a gym reportedly after using a punch bag. He was given CPR by the gym staff, however, he was declared dead at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. The University of Liverpool student who was known as Ethan James Williams, originally from Cardiff had died because of blood clotting in his lung, according to reports in Mirror.

In another similar case, an Indian man, 28, who is known to be a regular gym goer at a Gold Gym in Mumbai, the western Indian state of Maharashtra, collapsed during workout. Reportedly, the man started to feel uneasy while working out on the bench press machine.