Ukraine Accused of Using Black Magic Against Russians; State Media Makes Bizarre Claim of 'Satanic Seal' Discovery

The Russian state media has accused Ukraine of using 'black magic' in an effort to stop the Russian invasion into their territory. The signs and markings painted in black claim that the Ukrainian troops were practicing dark magic at a military headquarter in Ukraine, according to Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

The images of a 'satanic seal' were released by the Russian state media as they discovered it on Ukrainian military headquarters on the outskirts of the Luhansk region's Trekhizbenka village. Russian culturologist and philosopher Ekaterina Dais explained the sighting of the seal, as a magical symbol that united the ideas of anarchy, weapons and fascist imagery.

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Post from 'Russia Today' accusing Ukraine of using Black Magic Twitter

"What it means is difficult to say for sure, in it you can see both the inverted sign of anarchy and part of the sign 'CC', rune zig, it is clearly visible in the far left sector of the circle, and the Hebrew letter 'zayin' written in German, meaning sword or weapon," Dais said, according to Daily Mail.

According to Dais, the occult nature of the seal is indicated by the symbol alone, as it was drawn in one continuous hand movement. She further elaborated that the 'Zain' written beneath the symbol means 'sword' in Biblical Hebrew, 'perhaps the spell's authors performed rituals to strengthen weapons or 'asked' for more weapons to be sent to them.'

In a rather outlandish claim, RIA Novosti added: "Disciples of otherworldly forces tried to consecrate their weapons and made marks with blood" in order to give their weapons more strength.

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'Satanic seal' on the left, military headquarter on the right and documents of Donbas casualties below Twitter

Another Russian media, Sputnik had revealed markings of black magic rituals also seen on the walls of an abandoned Ukrainian military headquarters in the Donbas but no further information was disclosed on these sightings. RIA Novosti reported that a document with details on casualties in Donbas was later discovered, with streaks of blood on it.

As per MEA Worldwide, the report stated, "there were blood stripes on the document, despite the fact that there were no such traces anywhere else." The Russian media believes these traces of blood to be linked with some kind of pact with a demon.

The black magic accusation comes after Russia encounters a delay in its advancement as Ukrainian troops continue to push against them. It has been two months after Putin authorized a 'special military operation' in Ukraine and since then the Russians appear to be suffering from inadequate supply, the dwindling morale of the army and military losses, Newsweek wrote.

In the light of the stiff resistance displayed by the Ukrainians, a state-run Russian newspaper Vedomosti reported that regional governors were instructed by Sergey Kiriyenko, former Prime Minister and a top Russian official, to "not promise a quick Russian victory" or "to encourage false expectations that Putin's offensive in Ukraine will soon be over."