UFO or water droplets? What appeared during a thunderstorm in Texas sparks bigger apocalyptic debate

The UFO can be seen emerging from a lightning bolt during a thunderstorm in the skies of Texas

UFO texas
YouTube: Travis/MrMBB333

Recently, a man named Travis captured a bizarre incident where a UFO appeared in the skies during a thunderstorm. The clip captured by Travis later gained popularity after it was shared by YouTube channel 'MrMBB333'.

In the initial moments of the video, lightning bolts can be seen streaking across the cloudy skies. Later, a UFO seems to emerge from one bolt, and it soon screeches to the left of the screen. Soon, several conspiracy theorists described it as UFO and claimed these sightings taking place in various parts of the world are proof of alien existence.

Many conspiracy theorists and some space scientists strongly believe that alien life is real, and these extraterrestrial beings from deep space have been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years. In order to substantiate this theory, they cite examples of ancient cave paintings that feature flying-saucers and humans wearing astronaut suits.

Something coming out of clouds?

"That was definitely something coming out of the clouds. You can see that white object. There's nothing on the windshield or in the sky that could make that type of anomaly. It moves towards us and then to the left of the screen. It is bright white. I did check for street lights and there doesn't seem to be any. The more I look at it, the more I think it is something coming out of the sky, from the lightning strikes," said MrMBB333 in the video.

However, the conspiracy theorist dismissed the claims that this object could be a water droplet as it can be seen moving against the wind.

Viewers reaction

Most of the users who watched this video lauded the conspiracy theorist for sharing such a spectacular UFO clip on YouTube. Some users excitingly commented that this clip looked very similar to the events usually getting depicted in Hollywood movies.

"I live in Tyler Texas, which is close to Pittsburg, and I've seen tons of sky anomalies the last couple of years! Great catch Travis from Pittsburg Texas," commented Remnant Revelations, a YouTube user.

"Plasma from the lightning, it's scary, This phenomenon will be massive," commented Rooxy Dunguu, another YouTuber.

On the other hand, some other users argue that sightings like these are clear indications of an imminent apocalypse. These people believe that humans are currently going through a great tribulation period which means the end time is near.