UFO Monitoring Auroras? Conspiracy Theorist Assures Alien Existence on Earth with NASA Picture Proof 

The NASA image clearly shows an anomaly in the midst of aurora, and it has made many people believe that alien life is real

UFO in NASA image
UFO spotted in NASA image NASA

Self-proclaimed alien hunter Scott C Waring is now a popular name among conspiracy theorists with his seemingly outlandish claims of finding proof of extraterrestrial existence, which some extraterrestrial enthusiasts consider authentic. Now, Waring has bizarrely claimed that aliens are studying auroras like Northern lights to know more about the earth and its inhabitants.

UFO Taking Readings from Auroras?

Waring made these claims after spotting a UFO in an aurora. Interestingly, he made this discovery from an image released by NASA, and it has made many believe that the alien-hunting of Waring is going on in the right direction.

"The photo supposedly shows the Aurora borealis in all its glory, however, it accidentally caught a large UFO in it. The UFO was clearly inside the green area and was taking samples and taking readings from the Aurora. Aliens are interested in everything about Earth, not just the humans, not just the life forms, but all areas of our planet," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

Waring also hypothesized that aliens might have brought life to the earth by terraforming, and they wished to know how life will evolve on the blue planet.

"It wouldn't surprise me if several aliens species terraformed earth long ago as an experiment so they could record the entire planet evolving and growing through time. Why? Because those alien species are billions of years old, and have long since forgotten or lost their own history that far back," said Waring.

Waring's Discovery Going Viral on the Internet

Unlike his other discoveries which are classic cases of pareidolia or the peculiar capability of the human brain to form recognizable images on unknown patterns. this particular finding is now receiving positive response from all corners.

After seeing the strange object in the image released by NASA, people are lauding the conspiracy theorist for this milestone discovery.

"Great catch my friend... You've been finding some amazing anomalies lately. Love your work and keep doing what you're doing," commented Spencer Ohe, a YouTube user.

"Awesome!!! Great job... greetings from Chile. I'm a big fan of your channel," commented Luis Adolfo Guevara Vera, another YouTuber.

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