UFO fleet spotted in California, possible alien invasion creates panic

A fleet of UFO has been spotted in Californian skies and conspiracy theorists claim that an alien invasion can happen at any time.


Alien hunters and UFO buffs are going bonkers as a new video, reportedly filmed in California, showing a fleet of UFO flying across the sky, surfaced. The video was uploaded on YouTube by a channel named 'Suspect Sky', and it went viral on social media platforms in no time. Some UFO experts believe that this video is highly authentic, and is signaling an alien invasion which may happen in the near future.

Shocking footage

As per reports, the footage was reportedly shot from Rowland Heights, Los Angeles. The video features a small white UFO followed by a larger one moving over a mountain range. The footage seems so real, and the chances of imposed animation are pretty low.

Check out the video here:

UFO sightings are becoming quite common in the United States. Earlier, a genuine UFO footage was filmed over the Yellowstone volcano. In YouTube, there are umpteen numbers of UFO videos shot in the United States, and many of them seem perfectly real. Last week, several fireballs appeared on Russian skies, but later, experts claimed it as a visual illusion formed as a result of a missile test.

Is Government covering up UFO incidents?

Many conspiracy theorists claim that the US Government and NASA are covering up the incidents related to UFOs. They believe that the government is very much aware of extra-terrestrial life, but details are not being revealed due to the possibility of public panic. Conspiracy theorists also allege that several experiments, involving extra-terrestrial life, are going on in Area 51, the highly classified remote detachment of the US Air Force.

These conspiracy theorists also claim that NASA is also aware of Nibiru, the gigantic monster planet, which, according to popular belief, is approaching earth and eventually will collide with it, triggering the apocalypse. Many people are now waiting for November 19, the date on which these conspiracy theorists said the "Planet X will hit the Earth."

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