NASA indirectly admits monstrous planet Nibiru is real: Is this end for us?

As NASA too admits the presence of a giant planet lurking on the edge of our solar system, it seems that the conspiracy theories surrounding the doomsday are finally coming true


The worst fear of the human kind is finally coming true, as NASA has also indirectly admitted the presence of a giant planet lurking on the edge of our solar system. According to the world's biggest space agency, scientists have already received compelling evidence of an unknown planet in our solar system, and conspiracy theorists believe it is nothing other than Planet X alias Nibiru.

According to the popular belief, Nibiru is a Mythical planet and it is approaching Earth and thus
the collision of our planet with this giant planet, which is termed as the Nibiru cataclysm, is imminent and our days are now numbered.

A destabilized solar system

Many scientists believe that the size of Nibiru is so huge that its enormous gravitational force has destabilized the entire solar system. As NASA too had admitted the presence of a ninth planet, conspiracy theorists have started stressing on their claims that this planet will eventually collide with earth, shattering it into dust.

"It might be lingering bashfully on the icy outer edges of our solar system, hiding in the dark, but subtly pulling strings behind the scenes: stretching out the orbits of distant bodies, perhaps even tilting the entire solar system to one side. It is a possible "Planet Nine" -- a world perhaps 10 times the mass of Earth and 20 times farther from the sun than Neptune," said NASA in a statement.

However, the space agency has debunked the claim that it is Nibiru, the lone destructor. According to NASA, Nibiru alias Planet X is an internet hoax. According to experts, if it was real, then it would have been visible in our naked eyes by now. But conspiracy theorists all over the world believe that NASA is covering up the facts about Nibiru fearing possible panic from the general public.

Rising number of earthquakes and natural disasters

Soon after the Great American eclipse, two strong hurricanes, Irma and Harvey hit the American subcontinent. Christian numerologist David Meade believes that the natural disasters are the result of Nibiru's close approach. Later, a powerful earthquake happened in Mexico, resulting in the death of hundreds and now two volcanoes in Indonesia are set to erupt. People have started to murmur that these are the signs of the apocalypse, which may happen at any time.

Meade has also declared that the apocalypse has already begun on October 15, and the world is now going to face a seven-year tribulation period in which nuclear wars, natural disasters, and deaths of billions will happen. However, NASA has repeatedly denied all these conspiracy theories.