Believe it or not, Nazca lines in Peru created to attract aliens

As per a new conspiracy theory, Nazca lines in Peru were created to attract aliens


The mysterious white lines in Peru known as Nazca lines were created to attract aliens, a new theory claims. The claims were made by website Ranker, and according to them, these designs were made big enough to make it visible from space, so that aliens will get attracted and visit Peru. According to researchers, these lines were drawn as far back as 500 BC, and this large design on the ground depicts the figures of animals like fish and monkeys. Some of the figures even depict human figures - a possible attempt to attract the aliens to our civilization.

Information on Nazca lines

Nazca geoglyphs are always the hottest mystery and the reason behind these structures are still unknown to modern researchers. However, the claims made by website Ranker seem convincing when we consider its giant size used in the designs.

The Nazca lines are located 400km south of the Peruvian capital, Lima. The designs are believed to be made by people in the Nazcan civilization who inhabited Peru in between 200 BC - 500 BC. The Nazca designs comprise of 800 giant straight lines, 300 geometrical designs, and 70 designs of animals and plants. Some of the designs are too big that it stretches up to 370 meters long.

New theory

According to the new theory, the Nazcan civilization believed that alien life forms existed somewhere in the Universe and they created these designs to attract high-flying aliens. Even though these designs are manmade, they are visible only when viewed from a distant height.

Substantiating their claims, the website also added that a three-fingered corpse was unearthed from the area recently, and this corpse was of an extraterrestrial entity. Even though conspiracy theorists claimed that this corpse is from an interstellar space, DNA studies on it concluded that it is a human.

A message to Gods

Some section of people who are not believing in the alien theory claims that Nazca lines were drawn by people of this ancient civilization as a message to Gods. They believe that Gods lived in the sky, and to convey their messages to the heavenly entities, they drew these designs.

However, modern science is still unable to give an exact explanation of Nazca drawings, and it remains an unsolved mystery even in the 21st century.

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