Obsessive Stalker Shoots Dead Fort Worth Stripper After Spending Thousands of Dollars on Her

Stanley Szeliga, a 54-year old man, was charged with the murder of an exotic dancer, Abigail Saldaña, in Fort Worth, Texas. Saldaña was fatally shot days after she posted a video of a tracking device found in her vehicle.

Saldaña, a strip dancer at Rick Cabaret, was shot dead while she was driving her car, last week.

Abigail Saldaña:
Abigail Saldaña was fatally shot by Stanley Szeliga. Twitter

Saldaña Had Expressed Concern to her Employer About 'Stan'

On Oct 26, a witness called 911 about a speeding car driving off the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Parkway exit ramp and into a grassy area. The caller revealed about the bullet holes in the passenger side of the vehicle. It was also informed that the driver was unresponsive and not moving. In the affidavit, police stated about finding three shell casings and broken glass near the intersection of Amon Carter Boulevard and Texas 183.

The Daily Beast reported that Saldaña had expressed concerns to her club manager about being stalked and harassed by Szeliga. "The manager indicated that Abigail was frightened of Stan because he was stalking and harassing her," the warrant stated.

Days before her murder, the exotic dancer had posted a video on her Instagram page about a tracking device, which she found under her car.

In the footage obtained from the traffic cameras, the investigators found Szeliga's red pick-up tailing Saldaña's car near her apartment. His car was also spotted passing the same spot on multiple occasions.

Szeliga Splurged Thousands of Dollars on the Exotic Dancer

Szeliga, who appeared to be obsessed with the stripper, had spent thousands of dollars on her. He had posted the details of the payments on his Instagram account. According to the detectives, hours before killing the victim, Szeliga posted about paying $3,000 to Saldaña and also threatened to to report her for alleged prostitution.

"I never thought I'd be one of those guys taken advantage of. Sharing for awareness. Abigail S. and I, since July 2021, we have been enjoying each other's company. She's so beautiful and personable that I envisioned a future with her. But dealing with all the lies is overwhelming, I realize that's part of your primary job as an adult entertainer," Szeliga wrote in the post.

"If you only leave your second job, being in a high-end prostitution ring we could move forward. Yes, this pays $2000 per session, but it's illegal. And having a boyfriend whilst having sex with other men?!" Szeliga continued in his post.