Uber integrates new feature to help drivers with hearing impairment

Riders will now have an option to learn basic sign language to communicate with the deaf/hard of hearing drivers


In its bid to stay updated, Uber has now added another new feature to its app in September. This one will support the platform's deaf/hard of hearing drivers, reported TechCrunch. According to Uber, the company employs thousands of such drivers across the world.

These drivers have completed millions of trips, says Uber. The company has added several features to help drivers with hearing impairments over the years. Uber stated that this feature is launching at the end of the Deaf Awareness Month, which is held in September.

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In this new feature, the riders will be able to see a card on the feed of their app everytime they are connected with a driver who is deaf or hard of hearing. It will provide the riders with an option to learn basic words and phrases in American Sign Language (ASL) to address the driver. The rider can learn basic greetings, like "Hello" and "Thank you". They can also learn the letters to spell out their name so that it can be confirmed by the Uber driver.