Uber likely to change policies in London to recoup licence

Conditions the Transport for London might ask from Uber might include working hour reduction and holiday pay for its drivers.

Uber Technologies Inc continues to be entangled with regulatory difficulties in London following land transportation authorities in the UK revoke its licence. According to a new report, the ride-hailing giant is ready to make amends with the UK's policies to reverse the decision, and one of the conditions might include working hour reduction and holiday pay for its drivers.

Reuters on Sunday reported that Uber is "ready to make concessions" with London authorities in a bid to reverse its decision not to renew its licence in the city. Sources of London-based The Sunday Times also told the paper the move is suggesting that both parties will sit down to discuss the matter.

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"While we haven't been asked to make any changes, we'd like to know what we can do," says Tom Elvidge, Uber's general manager in London. "But that requires a dialogue we sadly haven't been able to have recently."

Once the dialogue will commence, expected conditions that the Transport for London (TfL) would ask from Uber is the safety and benefits of its drivers, holiday pay and possible adjustments to working hours to enhance road safety.

On Friday, TfL announced that Uber is not fit to pursue its service in London starting 30 September, although the company can still operate as it appeals. Cited grounds include failure to disclose serious criminal offences, hold enough background checks on drivers and other safety issues.

In protest to the decision, Uber on Saturday held a petition, calling riders around London to sign up. As of press time, more than 600,000 people have signed up to express support to Uber. Meanwhile, the company said around 20,000 Uber drivers directly emailed the city mayor Sadiq Khan regarding the issue.