Disney Star Bella Thorne Joins Adult Site 'OnlyFans' After Nude Leaks

In 2019, Bella Thorne was blackmailed by a hacker to famously leak her own nude photographs

Disney Channel's Shake It Up actor Bella Thorne has finally launched herself on Onlyfans, the adult content platform which is one of the most popular sites on the internet loved by content creators.

According to reports, Bella announced the news in PAPER magazine, saying that her decision was based upon OnlyFans being the first platform where she can "fully" control her image without censorship, without judgment, and without being bullied online. She even took to Instagram to share that she is excited about her new project.

Taking her sex-positivity to a logical conclusion, Thorne is all set to entertain her fans while at the same time share her opinion on feminists subjects. She wrote, "Thank u @paper I'm excited to talk about the politics behind female body shaming & sex!!! With the amazing director sean baker who I'm proud to call my friend."

Announcement Leads to OnlyFans' Crash

The 22-year-old even dropped a video on her Instagram account to reveal the news. Thorne is known for sharing sex-positive content often on her official social media handle. She already has over 23.5 million followers on the photo-sharing platform, and with her new content on OnlyFans, the diva is set to acquire millions more. Soon after Thorne announced the launch of her account on OnlyFans, the site crashed.

Bella Thorne Joins Adult Site OnlyFans
Disney Star Bella Thorne Joins OnlyFans

Thorne shared a flashy teaser video, in which she flaunted her body in a pink barely-there bikini while pairing it with a diamond necklace inscribed with the word "sex". In 2019, the actor was blackmailed by a hacker and was forced to leak her own nude pictures.

Thorne's decision to feature on Onlyfans will surely lead to the swelling of her net worth. As with her existing profile, subscriptions to her OnlyFans venture will cost $20 per month. Her new way to set up her OnlyFans account to make money during this hard-hitting pandemic is quite savvy.

Meanwhile, several known celebrities including Cardi B—who is currently the biggest OnlyFans celebrity—have joined with accounts on the adult subscription platform.