Twitter Trolls Say Donald Trump 'Scribbled' on Melania's Dress, Mock President's Bronzed Face

Two things that caught the fancy of the world during the Fourth of July celebrations at Mount Rushmore on Friday were Melania Trump's dress and US President Donald Trump's heavily bronzed face. Twitterati were busy ripping the Trumps on the microblogging site.

melania trump

The US President and his wife were attending the grand celebrations organized at South Dakota, an event attended by 7500 people.

Please Take the Sharpie Away from Trump - Cries Twitter

Dressed in a white-colored $2,485 Alexander McQueen dress, Melania was ridiculed for the strange pattern on her dress, which appeared as if someone had scribbled on it using a fabric marker.

The recent incident evoked the infamous Sharpie Gate scandal, which took place in September last year after Trump used large sharpie to alter an official map of Hurricane Dorian by swirling doodle designs.

"Donald Trump got bored and drew all over Melania's white dress with a sharpie on Air Force One,' wrote on user. 'Will somebody please take that sharpie away from him! Now he's drawing on Melania's dress, ffs,' another pipped in as other added, "Melania pulled a plain white dress for her evening in North Dakota and before they left Trump took a sharpie marker to it.'

'Apparently Trump tried to draw a hurricane path on Melania's dress,' wrote one woman," tweeted another. "Looks like Melania needs #IndependenceFromTrump as well,' one person wrote as the other added, "He gone and doodled with the sharpie all over her dress now. I thought they took away his sharpie after the hurricane incident?"

Trump Goes Overboard with Bronzer at the Rally

The users on the micro-blogging site were also talking about the heavily bronzed face of the US President. Often ridiculed for the 'orange tinted' face, Trump's appeared like a bronzed statue. The twitter users shared several close-ups of the US President, urging him to go slow on the use of bronzer. One of the users even pointed out that Trump stole Melania's bronzer.

"Speaking of "foundation" can we get @realDonaldTrump a better make up artist? The bronzer is way too thick tonight. It gives the petty little pricks on the left something to poke fun at. Great speech though!" pointed out a user.

"He totally hit up Melania's make up with the gold digger bronzer," wrote another.