Who is Cecily Aguilar? Woman With a 'Dark Side' Dismembered Vanessa Guillen's Dead Body

Cecily Aguilar was the girlfriend of Aaron Robinson, the soldier who committed suicide after officials approached him regarding Guillen's disappearance.

Cecily Aguilar has been arrested after she confessed to dismembering and burying the dead body of Private First-Class Vanessa Guillen, the Fort Hood soldier who disappeared in April. The decomposing remains, believed to be Guillen's, were found in a shallow grave near the Leon River in rural Bell County.

Cecily Aguilar
Cecily Aguilar Facebook

Cecily Aguilar, 22, faces one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence in the disappearance of Guillen. Aguilar will appear in court next week, according to the Department of Justice. If convicted, she faces up to 20 years in federal prison and a maximum $250,000 fine.

Who is Cecily Aguilar?

Aguilar, who confessed to her crime, was the girlfriend of Aaron Robinson, the soldier who committed suicide soon after officials approached him regarding Guillen's disappearance.

Cecily Aguilar,
Cecily Aguilar Bell County Jail

Aguilar was previously married to another soldier from Fort Hood. The accused has two profiles on Facebook which goes by the name of Cecily Aguilar and Cecily Brown. Aguilar, who is friends with Robinson on Facebook, made her relationship public on the social media platform in February.

A single child, as per the claims made on her social media page, Aguilar was living with Robinson in an off-post residence. Aguilar frequently posted about selling pictures, including feet pictures on her various social media accounts.

Speaking About 'Dark Side' Week After Guillen's Disappearance

Aguilar, who also has an Instagram page under the user name AguilarCecily, posted her pictures just two days after Guillen's disappearance. She captioned her post with a quote: "She was born in the fire Fierce to melt iron You fell in love with a women Who knows how to tame the dragon Shes the targaryen of her own soul," adding that "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Cecily Aguilar

In yet another post on May 1, almost a week after Guillen's disappearance, she spoke about her dark side in a cryptic post on social media. "I loved her, the dark side of her. Any girl can play innocent, but her demons are what drove me wild. Her secrets, her pain she mask by laughter, her darkness she trys so hard to hide, thats what made me fall for her." On the same day, she also posted a picture with a caption: "He showed her the darkest part of him, she said 'black is my favorite color".

Cecily Aguilar's Role in Guillen's Disappearance

Aguilar was arrested by the police around 4 am on July 1, even though her name was concealed from the public. According to Bell County Jail, Aguilar is charged with a third-degree felony.

CBS News reported that the police complaint stated that Aguilar revealed that Robinson told her about killing a female soldier by repeatedly hitting her in the head with a hammer and putting her remains in a box.

She added that Robinson picked her up at a gas station and took her to the site and showed her the remains. Aguilar later identified the remains as Guillen's. She added that they dismembered Guillen's body using a "machete-type knife" and tried to burn it, and eventually placed her remains in three separate holes, according to the complaint.

Aguilar "did unlawfully and willfully combine, conspire, confederate and agree together and with others to corruptly alter, destroy, mutilate, and conceal an object, or attempt to do so, with the intent to impair its integrity and availability for use in an official proceeding," the complaint stated.