Twitch streamer banned for this disturbing behaviour during livestream

Twitch streamer Petr Dolejší, also known as FiendishMora', has had his Twitch account suspended after he repeatedly beat his cat during a live broadcast

A Twitch streamer is facing backlash and has been banned by the platform after exhibiting disturbing behaviour during a live broadcast on Sunday, March 15.

Petr Dolejší, also known as "FiendishMora," is a popular content creator on the Amazon-owned platform who usually streams himself playing role-playing games, first-person shooters, and real-life simulators. However, the streamer is grabbing headlines for a completely different reason.

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Streamer repeatedly hits cat on air

Dolejší received widespread criticism from the online community after he repeatedly hit his pet cat as a punishment during a live broadcast. The streamer was loading the survival game, "Rust" when he got distracted by some movement to the left side of his screen.

He was then heard saying, "hey" at what later revealed to be his cat before he jumped out of his chair and started chasing it around the room. The feline can then be seen trying to run away from him before Dolejší grabs hold of the pet and appears to strike the cat multiple times, before aggressively pointing his finger and voicing something out as it moves towards it again when the clip runs out.

Watch the video below at your own risk as it contains disturbing footage:

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Career-ending mistake

Shortly after the stream, a video clip of Dolejší's disturbing antics went viral on Reddit and even led Twitch to deliver justice by suspending his account on the platform. However, there is no confirmation on whether the ban is temporary or permanent.

The streamer also received a slew of negative comments on Reddit and other social media platforms leading many to believe that Dolejší's actions will have severe repercussions and could even spell the end of his career as a streamer.

"This makes me so angry," wrote one user on the LivestreamFails page on Reddit. "He hits that poor cat so hard too. Someone should report him to the authorities in whatever country he is from. Disgusting coward. The fact that he does it on stream without even thinking twice makes me worried."

The streamer is yet to address his ban on social media, although some who claim to have watched the stream live revealed that Dolejší admitted what he did was wrong and justified his actions by saying he was only disciplining the cat. However, netizens weren't having any of it.

"This is not discipline, you don't hit an animal or a child 10+ times while holding them and call it discipline," wrote a Twitter user. "This is abuse and he deserves a lifetime ban on all streaming platforms."

Animal abuse controversy

Alinity takes a chug of vodka, then spits a little into the cat's mouth @youtube/varsityqueen

This isn't the first time a streamer's ill-treatment of animals during a live broadcast has sparked the ire of the online community. Last year, popular streamer Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon, was accused of mistreating her pets after she threw her cat over her shoulders while gaming live on Twitch. This led viewers to start a petition urging Twitch to ban the streamer.

Shortly after this controversy, old clips showing her history of animal abuse surfaced on the web. Then there's Brooke Houts, a YouTuber who uploaded a since-deleted video that appeared to show her hitting, aggressively pushing and spitting on her pet Doberman, prompting an investigation from local law enforcement.