Twitch streamer banned for exposing herself in body-painting content

Popular Twitch body painter, Mizzy Rose, received a temporary ban from Twitch over an "insufficiently covered body" in her body-painting videos

A Twitch streamer has been banned from the streaming platform for exposing herself during a live broadcast, which the content creator says is "unfair."

Popular Twitch streamer MizzyRose, who frequently transforms herself with body paint for her 141,000 followers, was banned from the streaming platform for a "nude or insufficiently covered body" on April 11. MizzyRose is known for her body-painting content on the platform, in which she paints over her bare body, often to depict clothing or as part of a cosplay.

MizzyRose banned for 'nude or insufficiently covered body'

Mizzy Rose
A screen grab from the body-painting stream. Mizzy Rose / Twitter

The content creator took to Twitter to reveal she had received a one-day suspension for sharing content, in which Twitch claims she exposed herself. However, the 22-year-old artist from Canada has contested the suspension sharing the ban notice she received from the Amazon-owned platform as well as pictures from her broadcast.

"TWITCH HAS BANNED ME! IDC IF ITS FOR A DAY, IT STILL AFFECTS MY ACCOUNT," she wrote in the post. "I DID NOTHING WRONG. Someone is wrongfully banning on Twitch's end."

Twitch's nudity and sexual content guidelines

Twitch's "situational" and "contextual exceptions" to its guidelines regarding nudity include body art, which means the platform allows body art in streams that are"focused on actively creating content (i.e. painting)."

According to the guidelines, body art is permitted provided that there is full chest coverage. "Those who present as women must completely cover their nipples & areola with a layer of non-transparent clothing or a paint & latex combination." Additionally, the rules add that the coverage "must be applied before streaming begins, not on-stream."

In an attempt to ensure she was not penalised for her content, Mizzy made sure she started the stream with her chest already painted, thinking that by doing this, she would not violate Twitch's terms of use.

Other users banned for body art on Twitch

Mizzy isn't the first streamer on Twitch to have received a ban for body-painting on the platform. Italian Twitch streamer Alis, who goes by the name "AlisPrayer" and is known for live-streaming body painting videos, says she was banned indefinitely from the platform on April 8 despite covering her chest area. Feeling "devastated" by the ban, she took her frustrations to Twitter: