AfreecaTV streamer Yeosoon cuts wrist, attempts suicide on live broadcast

AfreecaTV permanently banned Yeosoon from streaming after she cut her wrist and attempted suicide during live broadcast

Popular streamer Yeosoon cut her wrist and tried to end her life on the live broadcast on her show yesterday, April 7. She was live streaming on Afreeca TV and attempted to end her life online. She blamed malicious comments online for taking the extreme step.

The audience was shocked when Yeosoon started cutting her wrists. Just before the action, she told the reason on the live stream and said: "I will do as you guys want me to. Do not curse BJ's. We're all eating depression medicine. I don't care if I get banned forever. I'm not going to stream anymore."

Yeosoon attempted suicide

AfreecaTV screengrab

She also said, "Before I go, I have some last words to say to you guys. That time I hit XX. That was because they drugged me and injected me while I was sleeping. They wanted to make me an accomplice and fed me drugs and sleeping medicine."

Though she did not specify who 'they were' but she said that she was disheartened looking at the malicious comments online. Following this, AfreecaTV banned her permanently from streaming and said the action was taken following a breach of morals. Audience started pouring in comments and requested her stop the act. "Unni (sister) don't hurt", "someone take her to hospital," said comments.

Meanwhile, the news reached her fellow streamer BJ Doa who called the police immediately. The cops reached on time and Yeosoon was rushed to the hospital. Currently, she is being treated in the hospital. Details of the hospital she was taken to are not known yet.

BJ Doa shared a clarification

After Yeosoon was admitted to hospital, BJ Doa shared a clarification from the side for those who were worried about Yeosoon and also for those who were badmouthing BJs. She wrote: "I'm making this announcement so that people don't assume we're dragging it on to gain attention. As soon as I called the police, they got to Yeosoon's house through GPS, got into the house, and saved her. She lost a lot of blood, and has been shifted to the hospital for treatment.

Thanks to the police's quick action, she'll be just fine. I asked them to tell me which hospital she's at, but they said they can't tell anyone that's not family. I hope today's painful action that Yeosoon took won't be used against her in any way. I request you not to use it negatively."

It is said that Yeosoon was receiving treatment for panic disorder and had the habit of taking sleeping pills, post-attack on her through malicious comments. Reports also claim that she had earlier too tried to inflict pain on herself and even posted a video on her Youtube channel and titled it "the real reason why I self-harm."