South Korea's Top Rapper BewhY to Get Married to his Longtime Girlfriend in December

Lee Byung Yoon popularly known as BewhY is all est to get married to his non-celebrity girlfriend of eight years in December.

South Korea's top rapper BewhY is all set to get married to his longtime girlfriend in December. The rapper had expressed his wish to get married three years ago in a reality show, but the couple has decided to tie the knot by the end of this year.

Lee Byung Yoon, popularly known by his stage name BewhY, will get married to his girlfriend of eight years, this December. He had revealed about his relationship status in 2017 during MBC's Radio Star show. He had told that he was in a relationship and was seriously considering getting married to her.

As BewhY's girlfriend is a non-celebrity, details about her have not been revealed. This is the reason why details of the wedding also have been kept under wraps. But the couple has been spotted together on many occasions and netizens have shared their photos on social media.

South Korean rapper BewhY with his non-celebrity girlfriend. Twitter

The couple started dating in 2012 much before he shot to fame. He met her for the first time during a welcome event at a church. During their first meeting she had long hair and that attracted BewhY. But when they met for the second time, she had cut her hair to a short bob and BeWhy was taken aback by her sudden transformation.

BewhY Giving Relationship Goals

They continued to meet each other and their bond grew strong. Being a non-celebrity, BewhY's girlfriend had to go through difficult times as she faced a lot of negative comments on social media due to her relationship status. Tired of receiving the negative comments, she had even posted on her Facebook: "It's too much for me to get hundreds of [hate comments] from people I don't even know... If you have a problem with me, please take it up with me directly." Reacting to this, BewhY cheered her up by saying, "Don't pay any attention to it, my love."

One of the reports had mentioned a fan speaking about BewhY's relationship with his girlfriend as witnessed during the Show Me The Money program. When fans wanted to click photos with them, BewhY first asked his girlfriend if she was okay with it. "He puts his girlfriend first and makes sure she is not uncomfortable," said the fan.

Rapper Lee Byung Yoon was born on June 15, 1993, in Incheon, South Korea. As of early-2020, BewhY's net worth is estimated to be over $1 million. Career-wise BewhY is constantly in news and his latest work includes WINNER Mino's second solo album. BewhY rose to fame after winning Mnet's Show Me The Money 5 in 2016. The news of BewhY's wedding was first reported by News1 and details on the wedding are awaited.

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