TWICE member Momo shares secret diet plan that helped her lose 7 kg

The TWICE member said it was so hard for her to follow the diet plan that she thought she might die of starvation while sleeping and she cried at night thinking about it.

TWICE member Momo recently shared details about a secret diet plan that she followed in the past for losing seven kilograms or 15 pounds in 10 days. The plan included no fruits, vegetables or cereals. It was just ice cubes. Yes, you heard it right. The K-Pop idol was merely eating ice cubes for a week to shed the extra pounds.

The 23-year-old South Korean singer had to follow the special meal plan to appear in a show that demanded of her to lose weight. She was willing to do anything to be part of the show. But the girl group member had only seven days to achieve her weight loss target. So she ate only ice cubes on those days and went to the gym everyday for workouts.

"I was told that I have to lose 7 kg no matter what. That was the only way to be on the show. There was a D-Day for me to lose the extra pounds. So, I did not eat anything till that date and went to the gym all the time," the young K-Pop idol said.

What was the outcome of following the diet?

TWICE member Momo Instagram/TWICE Momo

While interacting with teammates, the TWICE member also shared the outcome of following such a strict diet plan. Momo said she vomited out the water she had right before going to bed and she started feeling very hungry. At that moment, she thought she would die of starvation while sleeping and she could not hold back her tears thinking about it.

"When I was lying down on my bed and trying to sleep, I was scared that I might not wake up again. So I cried all of a sudden. Still, I continued to stick on to the diet. But I did not succeed in losing seven kg in a week. So, they gave me three more days to achieve the weight lose target," the singer said.

Watch the video of Momo sharing her diet experience below: