Watch: TWICE, MAMAMOO and other K-Pop stars performing at Golden Disc Awards 2020

From TOMORROW X TOGETHER and ITZY to TWICE and MAMAMOO, K-Pop groups showcased their best performances on the first day of 34th annual Golden Disc Awards

The first day of Golden Disc Awards 2020 featured some of the best performances by the popular K-Pop groups and Korean singers, including TWICE, MAMAMOO, ITZY, TOMORROW X TOGETHER and CHUNG HA. Though the members of BTS were badly missed by their fans tonight, every performance put forward by other bands were more than satisfying.

Here, we have listed the 10 best performances of 34th annual award ceremony that literally set the stage on fire. The performances include MAMAMOO member Hwa Sa's solo performance and AB6IX's Blind for Love. While the members of ATEEZ took the viewers to a Wonderland with their performance.

Watch BLOCK B member Zico on stage with Extreme and Daredevil

Watch JANNABI on stage with Good Good Night and For Lovers Who Hesitate

Watch MAMAMOO onstage with INTRO, gogobebe and HIP

Watch MAMAMOO member Hwasa onstage with Love and Twit

Watch Chungha onstage with Gotta Go and Snapping

Watch the members of TWICE performing YES or YES, FANCY and STUCK IN MY HEAD

Watch the members of AB6IX performing INTRO, BREATHE and BLIND FOR LOVE

Watch the members of ATEEZ performing INTRO, ANSWER and WONDERLAND

Watch the members of ITZY performing INTRO and ICY

Watch TOMORROW X TOGETHER performing New Rules and 9 & Three Quarters