Here's what Red Velvet member Joy drinks everyday to stay fit and fair

The Red Velvet member also spoke about the importance of eating healthy for staying fit while sharing details about the impact of exercise on a person's body and mind.

Red Velvet member Joy has shared the secret behind her glowing skin. The K-Pop idol recently revealed that she drinks a glass of noni juice everyday to maintain her skin complexion. According to the girl group member, the juice is good for the body and continuous use of it can also brighten the skin. Noni juice is a tropical drink derived from a mango-sized yellow fruit that grows among lava flows in Southeast Asia.

The 23-year-old South Korean singer was sharing her health and beauty secrets during her guest appearance on the popular KBS talk show Happy Together. While interacting with show host So Yoo Jin and other guests, the Red Velvet member said she believes in "inner beauty". The K-Pop idol further said health is a very important part of beauty.

"I am very much interested in beauty and fashion. Beauty and fashion will lose meaning without good health. Unless you strive to be in good health, you look bad. When you are unhealthy, you will lose some energy. So, I prefer to consume the food items that are good for my health," Joy said during the talk show.

What is the secret drink Joy is drinking everyday to stay fit?

Red Velvet Joy

The K-Pop idol then shared two health tips to stay fit. She said practising aerial yoga and other workouts early in the morning can be beneficial for a person's body. She also shared details about a juice that she is drinking every day. Apart from a glass of noni juice, Joy revealed that she also drinks a type of juice that is made from fermented root vegetables.

"It was originally developed for cancer patients. I feel like eating healthy foods to eliminate inflammation," the Red Velvet member explained.

Although the show host and other guests were interested in knowing more about the special juice, she did not share anymore details about it. Instead, she started talking about noni juice and its various health benefits of it. The singer even recommended the juice to Jun Hyun Moo and Yoo Jae Suk.

Watch a part of the latest episode of Happy Together 4 below:

The Red Velvet members have been suffering from some health problems for the past few weeks. Two weeks back, the K-Pop girl group cancelled their appearance at the Korea Singers Festival 2020 because of some health problems. On January 16, SM Entertainment released a statement explaining the reason for cancelling the girl group's appearance in the festival.

"Red Velvet, who was scheduled to appear at the 2020 Korea Singers Festival today, will be unable to participate in this recording due to the members' flu symptoms. We ask for the understanding of fans present at the event," the statement read.