Truth or hoax: Aliens informed in 1980s about Apophis hit to Billy Meier, reports Express UK quoting conspiracy theorist

Horn claims that Billy Meier got information about the end of the world from advanced alien beings from deep space

Reptilian aliens
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Now that NASA has warned about the approaching Apophis asteroid, conspiracy theorists are up in arms to float more such unauthenticated disasters to hit the planet. Among the conspiracy theorists, Billy Meier is a popular name and these people believe that he was once contacted by extraterrestrial aliens from deep space. Meier had several times claimed that he was in touch with extraterrestrials since 1942, and this advanced civilization from deep space had revealed many startling details about the future of the earth.

Did aliens predict the world's end?

Michael Horn, a self-proclaimed research scientist and representative for Billy Meier has revealed that the alleged extraterrestrial contactee was contacted by aliens, and these advanced beings had warned of the dangers of Apophis asteroid. Even though NASA had ruled out the possibility of a potential strike in the future, Michael Horn believes that the United States space agency has completely gone wrong in predicting the trajectory of this rogue space body.

Horn, in an exclusive interview with, added that Billy Meier had documented the presence of asteroid Apophis in the solar system way back in the 1980s, years before NASA discovered it.

"Fortunately as far back as 1981 when Meier was given this information by these people and he documented it. They said here is the recommended means of averting impact. They said look there are things such as solar sales and other means they might want to try. They may also want to try to blow up the asteroid but that is not recommended. he most highly recommended means is to detonate a nuclear charge in the proper proximity as to just deflect and nudge 'God of Chaos' asteroid Apophis off its trajectory," said Horn.

Horn predicts asteroid Apophis place of impact

This is not the first time that Michael Horn is making shocking revelations about asteroid Apophis. Earlier, Horn had predicted that asteroid Apophis will hit the earth either on April 13, 2029, or April 13, 2026. He also made it clear that the dangerous space rock will make its impact somewhere between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

After making this prediction, Horn urged space agencies to formulate an effective plan to protect the planet from threats from deep space.

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