Truth Behind Seo Ye Ji's Behaviour in Shooting Sets, 'Recalled' Director Opens Up

Seo Yoo Min, director of Seo Ye Ji- Kim Kang Woo starrer upcoming movie 'Recalled' has opened up about the actress' behaviour in the set. Here is what she has to say!

South Korean actress Seo Ye Ji is facing the brunt of netizens and media after Dispatch revealed a part of her text messages exchanged with Mr Queen actor Kim Jung Hyun. She is currently being criticized for influencing Kim Jung Hyun to act unprofessionally affecting the shooting of the drama Time in 2018. Following this revelation, others also came forward to accuse actress of school violence and rude behaviour towards staff members etc. Now, director of her upcoming movie Recalled has opened up about the actress.

Speaking to the media, Recalled film director Seo Yoo Min praised Seo Ye Ji as an enthusiastic and wonderful actress. "There was always laughter around Seo Ye Ji," said Seo Yoo Min referring to the actress's behaviour in the sets of Recalled movie.

Seo Ye Ji
Seo Ye Ji in the sets of drama It's Okay to Not be Okay. Instagram

The film Recalled also starring Kim Kang Woo will be released on April 21. The production house released a making video of the film. In the video, Seo Yoo Min spoke in detail about Seo Ye Ji and said that she was a wonderful actress and that she took good care of the staff members. The director stated, "There was always laughter sounds around Seo Ye Ji." Seo Yoo Min also praised Seo Ye Ji's acting skills and stated that the actress took good care of the staff members.

"The lead character that Seo Ye Ji plays is a woman who lost her memories and puts forth her best effort to regain them. Seo Ye Ji has an unparalleled passion that no one can beat. I was surprised when she even expressed the smallest details," the director said.

"There was always laughter around Seo Ye Ji. She's playful and took care of the staff well too," the director said. Watch Seo Ye Ji cheering the team and creating a happy ambience in the sets of Recalled movie filming.

Seo Ye Ji School Violence Allegations

Meanwhile, Seo Ye Ji's label Gold Medalist has refuted claims of school bullying and said that they were not true. Kim Jung Hyun took responsibility for his rude behaviour during filming of the drama Time in 2018. He apologized to Girls' Generation's Seohyun [who played female lead in the drama] and the entire cast and crew of Time for being unprofessional and hurting their emotions. He stayed away from mentioning Seo Ye Ji in his letter.

In other developments, a staff member who had worked earlier with Seo Ye Ji claimed that the actress was rude to her. The person did not reveal the identity but alleged that while working, Seo Ye Ji was always cursing at them. "She always smoked inside the car and would always make us buy her more cigarettes. If we made even the smallest mistakes, she would yell at us while blowing smoke in our faces," the person said.

Staffer Comes to Actress' Rescue

But soon, another staff who has worked with the actress for five years came to Seo Ye Ji's rescue and put out a post on social media. "Seo Ye Ji is someone that also conveys her well wishes to my parents, which isn't an easy feat. She is definitely not someone that treats staff lowly or mistreats them. She is someone who will approach the staff on-site first and greets them," she said.

Seo Ye Ji's staffer also questioned the identity of the person who made baseless claims against the actress. "It seems that the two people that wrote the posts on Jisikin (a forum site) suddenly got deleted and they ended up writing a combined singular post on Nate Pann. Seeing as the contents you uploaded includes a cue sheet from Cinetown, I too, was on site. Reveal your identity." Koreaboo quoted her staff as saying.