Kim Jung Hyun Issues Personal Apology Letter, Says Sorry to Seohyun and Team 'Time'

Kim Jung Hyun admitted to being unprofessional during filming the drama 'Time' and released a handwritten apology letter.

Mr Queen actor Kim Jung Hyun has released an apology letter following his controversy with actress Seo Ye Ji. In a handwritten letter, the actor apologized to the entire team of drama Time including his co-actress Girl's Generation's Seohyun.

Kim Jung Hyun said that he was sorry for letting his personal life interfere with professional life. He apologized for hurting Seohyun during the shooting of the drama. He also said that even he himself would not approve of his behaviour during the press meet after completing the shooting of the drama Time.

Kim Jung Hyun
Kim Jung Hyun in the drama Mr Queen. Instagram

Various reports claimed that Kim Jung Hyun was rude and clod not only towards Seohyun but even the entire staff. He is said to have argued with director in order to avoid scenes demanding skinship with Seohyun. One of the reports even claimed that Seohyun was left in tears because of Kim Jung Hyun.

Here is the translation of the apology letter written by Kim Jung Hyun.

"Hello, this is Kim Jung Hyun.

Drama 'Time' was my first project to act as a male lead, so it had a special meaning to me. But I have deeply disappointed the director, the writer, the cast, and the staff. I apologize.

I have fragmented memories of the press conference for 'Time'. Back then I acted like a person even I wouldn't approve of. I am deeply regretful of my past actions.

I have chosen to let my personal life interfere with my professional life. I did not take my accountability as an actor or a leading character. I apologize without any excuse. The entire process of me departing 'Time' in the middle of the series and my actions at the press conference were wrong. I sincerely apologize to all the staff who had to go through rough times and to actress Seohyun who was hurt, all because of my actions.

I believe I should personally apologize to them, to everyone who I have inflicted harm on, even if it takes time. I am morally sorry to my label O& Entertainment, and Culture Depot whose name came up dishonorably. And I am sincerely sorry to my fans who have been supporting and waiting for me.

I also beg everyone who was concerned for forgiveness. I had time to reflect upon my blunder and wrongful action while writing this letter. If I get another chance, I would not take everything for granted and become an actor who takes care of himself both mentally and physically.

I am sorry."

Seo Ye Ji Out of Island?

The issue became public and netizens started trending apologize to Seohyun after Dispatch revealed that Kim Jung Hyun refused to enact 13 scenes that had skinship with Seohyun during the shooting of the drama Time in 2018. Dispatch even published private messages of Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji where the latter was asking Kim Jung Hyun to say no to skinship.

Reacting to the dame, Seo Ye Ji's agency Gold Medalist clarified that the message was shared between two lovers. It said that first Kim Jung Hyun had asked Seo Ye Ji to stay away from skinship with her co-actor. Replying to this, Seo Ye Ji also had asked Kim Jung Hyun to avoid scenes that demanded skinship.

Latest reports claim that Seo Ye Ji has dropped out of her upcoming OCN drama, Island but the news is yet to be officially confirmed. Seo Ye Ji has also deleted all photos from her Instagram account. On the other hand Kim Jung Hyun pictures with his Crash landing On You co-star Seo Ji Hye started making rounds on social media after Dispatch published a report that the two were dating. Agencies of both actors have denied the news.