Seo Ye Ji Lands in Further Trouble: Ex-Staff Alleges Actress of Verbal Abuse, Unwarranted Threats, Harassment at Work

Troubles seem to be far from over Seo Ye Ji as she is now facing yet another allegation of verbal abuse and harassment from her former staff. A mysterious person, without revealing her identity, has opened up on the painful experience that the victim had while working with the actress.

Seo ye Ji
ACtress Seo Ye Ji in the drama It's Okay to Not Be Okay. Instagram

Harassing and Threatening her Staff
The person claims that none from her company was keen to work with Seo Ye Ji as it was very difficult to work with her. " While working, she would always curse at us. I don't think she knew the secondhand smoke that we would get, but she always smoked inside the car and would always make us buy her more cigarettes. If we made even the smallest mistakes, she would yell at us while blowing smoke in our faces." Koreaboo quotes the alleged staffer as saying.

The victim claims that she could not record her verbal abuses as the Lawless Lawyer actress kept an eye on the phones of her staffers. Seo Ye Ji's day-to-day behaviour her staff solely decided on her mood.

"Whenever she said she was in a bad mood, she never ate anything and so we were unable to eat. She also told us that actors are people who work solely with their emotions so we were expected to give in to everything she wanted. Are you the only human because you work with your emotions, Seo Ye Ji-sshi? What are we then, dogs and pigs? You curse at us and yell at us, do we not have emotions?" the victim adds.

The person alleges that Seo Ye Ji would vent out her frustration if there are negative rumours around her. Also, the actress used to threaten the staffs that they would lose jobs and might not get any work in the industry if she caught them spreading false speculations around her.

Recent Controversies
In recent months, the 31-year old actress is hitting the headlines for all wrong reasons. From school bullying to problems with her attitude, many allegations have been made against her.

A few days ago, she is accused of interfering in her boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun's work and forced him not to do skinship scenes with his co-stars. As a result, he refused to do 13 such scenes in 2018 drama Time, a report on Dispatch claimed.