Trump's Letter to President Joe Biden Leaked Online? Trump Says He Won; Here is the Truth

A claim stating that former U.S. President Donald Trump left the newly elected President Joe Biden a letter that read, "Joe, you know I won," is found to be fake. The viral claim is fueled by a fake image circulating on multiple social media platforms.

According to CNN, as per the tradition, the outgoing presidents write their successors a letter and leave it for them on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Soon after the inauguration ceremony, Biden signed several executive orders from the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

trump letter
A viral image on social media being floated as the letter to US President Joe Biden from Donald Trump. Twitter

Did Trump Claim Victory in the Letter?

The viral fake claim started soon after Biden's inauguration ceremony. An image bearing a letter addressed to Biden went viral on social media. On the top, the letter bears a seal of the President on the United States. The White House, Washington, is written just below the seal. It is dated 20th January 2021. The letter, bearing the signatures of former US President Donald J Trump reads, "Joe, You Know I won."

Snopes reported that the letter was fake. "Some on social media took it upon themselves to create their own imaginary letters from Trump to Biden. One that was widely shared was a fake letter that read, "Joe, you know I won," it reported.

In its report CNN said that Biden, while revealing that Trump did leave a letter for him, refused to divulge the contents. The US President was quoted by the outlet saying, "The President wrote a very generous letter. Because it was private, I will not talk about it until I talk to him, but it was generous."

Describing the letter to CNN, a senior Trump aide said it was a "personal note" that prays for the success of the country and the new administration to care for the country.

Social Media Start Their Version of Trump's Letter

During his last days as the US President, Trump broke several age-old traditions followed by his predecessors during the change of command, including communicating with Biden and attending his inauguration ceremony.

As the news of Trump leaving a letter for Biden broke on social media, the users came up with their own versions about its content. There were several others who urged the President to reveal contents of the letter.

"Trump left Biden a letter in the resolute desk. I'd love to read that," read a tweet.

"If Trump's letter to Biden was "generous" as Biden says, the public should see it. About 70% of Trump voters believe that the election was stolen from them, so if a letter from Trump shows that Trump views Biden as legitimate, it's something we should all see, and see quickly," said another.

"Was Trump's reported letter to Biden handwritten by an assistant?" joked a user.

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