Trump Plaza Implosion: Donald Trump-Owned Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City To Go Down With A Bang

The famous Donald Trump-owned hotel and casino building in Atlantic City is set to be demolished on Wednesday.

Trump Plaza, the crumbling former Hotel and Casino will be reduced to a smoking pile of rubble as the implosion of the once-dominant brand in Atlantic City owned by the former president, in New Jersey, is scheduled for Wednesday. Reportedly, the implosion of Trump Plaza, which was a party site for movie stars and a spot for high-profile boxing matches will take place at 9 A.M. The popular Trump estate building designed by Martin Stern Jr. was operational from May 15, 1984, until September 16, 2014. Due to its disrepair condition, it has become a necessity for demolition.

Several visitors are excited to witness the event on the iconic boardwalk. "It was beautiful. It was impactful. It was state of the art, but time just took its toll on it," said Brenda Phillips, a resident of Pennsylvania. The demolition day of the once lavish casino and the hotel comes after seven years of being shut down. The destruction of the tower will also mark the end of former US President Donald Trump's imprint from the city.

Trump Plaza Demolition: How to Watch?

The live video of the implosion will be streamed on various websites, mobile apps and on streaming TV apps for Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Android TV, according to reports. Some hotels are also taking the opportunity of the event by offering viewing packages facing the to be demolished Trump Plaza.

Trump Plaza Implosion
Trump Plaza Implosion: How to watch? Instagram

While witnessing the demolition event of Trump Plaza in the magnificent Atlantic City during the ongoing pandemic will be scaled back, there will still be options for those who wish to lay their eyes on the most buzzing event in the city. The front row seats to view the planned event to destruct the once premier gaming destination in the city has been sold at a cheap rate. Onlookers from inside cars will be charged $10 and will be stationed into a recently used pandemic-era food distribution site, according to NYT.

An organization also conducted an auction for the best seats and was able to raise over $17,000. Atlantic City police have meanwhile notified closures to vehicles and pedestrians in the region.

The implosion comes after Donald Trump left the White House for losing re-election. Trump, who became the first president in history to be impeached twice, was acquitted on Saturday for inciting the deadly Capitol Riots that took place on Jan. 6, 2021.