Trump Loyalists in Secret Service Being Removed From Joe Biden's Security Detail - Report

The US Secret Service is replacing several agents on the security detail of the incoming US President Joe Biden after concerns were raised about them being staunch supporters of President Donald Trump. The Trump 'loyalists' are reportedly being replaced by senior agents who previously worked with Biden during his term as Vice President.

The inauguration ceremony for President-elect Joe Biden is slated for January 20, even as Trump continues to call the election rigged and refuses to accept defeat.

President-elect Joe Biden
President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris Twitter/Joe Biden

Darryl Volpicelli and Brian McDonough to Re-join Biden's Security Detail

The Washington Post cited 'two people familiar with the changes' while reporting that Biden and his family are familiar with the agents which the Secret Service intends to bring back. Among those who are rejoining the incoming President's protection team includes Darryl Volpicelli, who will become the second-in-command, and Brian McDonough, who will become a senior detail supervisor, reported the outlet.

"That is smart to give the incoming president the comfort of the familiar. You want him to be with people he knows and trusts, and who also know how he operates," a former Secret Service executive told the outlet on the on the condition of anonymity.

Claiming that the Secret Service remains true to its apolitical mission, Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Milhoan said that the U.S. Secret Service is uniquely authorized to provide protection to designated U.S. and other world leaders and remains steadfastly dedicated to a standard of excellence in those operations, wholly apolitically and unaffiliated with the political parties of protectees,

"As a matter of practice and due to operational security, the agency does not comment on protective operations inclusive of internal decisions on agency assignments," said Milhoan in her statement.

Mixed Response on Social Media

The outlet also reported that the Secret Service intends to name a new special agent to lead the Biden presidential detail, David Cho. He was the second-in-command of the protective detail during the Trump administration and had received Department of Homeland Security's gold medal for exceptional service in 2019.

The report of secret service being overhauled in the wake of removing staunch Trump supporters from Biden and his family's security detail has sparked mixed reactions from the internet users.

"Is it just me or should the @SecretService not have Trump loyalists? Shouldn't they have 'Presidential' loyalists? #SecretService," tweeted a user.

"Sooner or later the Democrats will need to confront the problem of loyalists to a madman remaining in government service as he efforts tirelessly to delegitimize it further on behalf of who knows which generous benefactor," wrote another.

"I'm so worried for Pres-elect Biden's safety; Harris, too. I wouldn't put the worst thing that could happen past trump calling for it from his minions. Secret Service is already trying to weed out trump loyalists from Biden's protective entourage," expressed a user.

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