2020, Annus Horribilis for Donald Trump: A Round Up of the Viral Memes on US President

The year 2020 has not be been easy for anyone across the globe. But it was especially mean for US President Donald Trump who was one of the top favorites of the meme generators and troll creators on the social media. From losing Presidential elections to being fired for poor handling of the global pandemic on US soil, Trump faced the heat of 2020.

Here is a look at the top trends that trolled the US President on Twitter:

Trump Sitting at a Small Desk: Ditching the resolute desk during a press conference organized on Thanksgiving Day, Trump sat on an unusually tiny desk and chair. It was the first media briefing following his loss to President elect Joe Biden. However, more than his words it was his choice of furniture that created ripples on social media.

Diaper Don: It was following the same media briefing that #DiaperDon became a top trend on Twitter. As previously reported, a side-angle photo of the president seated behind the tiny desk, highlighted Trump's protruding posterior. The photo, tweeted by the left-wing political action committee Meidas Touch, led to speculation that Trump wears adult diapers under his trousers. The theory was further fueled by comedian and former Celebrity Apprentice staffer Noel Casler who claimed that Trump would often soil himself on The Apprentice Set and used adult diapers.

Stanky Trump: This time the US President became a victim of a term that was used for his son Donald John Trump Jr. The hashtag 'Stanky Trump' mocked the President after an old picture of his son Donald John Trump Jr. resurfaced on social media. The photo, which appeared to be taken out from a yearbook, mentions Don Jr.'s nickname as 'Stank'.

Time Loser of the Year: US President Donald Trump was mocked online after he lost yet another contest to U.S. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris after they were jointly named 'Person of the Year 2020' by Time magazine. Soon after the verdict was out, #TimeLoserTrump started trending on the microblogging site.

donald trump
Photoshopped image of Donald Trump as Loser of the Year floating on the social media. Twitter

Stop the Stupid: #StopTheStupid trolling Trump started soon after an irked Republican Paul Mitchell called for pulling the plug on Trump's repeated crying about election hoax without any evidence or facts. Mitchell closed his tweet with #StopTheStupid, which then went on to become one of the top trending topics.

Things We Should Thank Trump For: As the US and Trump geared up to celebrate his last Thanksgiving at the White House, Twitter was trending with #ThingsWeShouldThankTrumpFor. However, the 'things' being listed by the Twitterati were more about poking fun at the outgoing US President. From his orange tan to the weird dance moves, the microblogging site's users included everything while extending thanks to Trump. Some of them even thanked Trump for Biden-Harris win in the recently concluded elections.

Grayed Trump: Trump was also ridiculed on social media for having a head full of gray hair, a far cry from his usually blonde color, after his first appearance post defeat to President-elect Joe Biden. Many social media users also took a jibe at Trump suggesting that the stress of a lost election is visible through his hair. Trump's hair recently gained attention after an expose by The New York Times revealed that the US President took $70,000 in tax deductions for hair care during his stint while hosting "The Apprentice" on NBC in the early 2000s.

Bible Photo Op: Trump's much-hyped photo op holding a bible outside the historical St John's Episcopal Church backfired badly, leaving many aghast at the manner it was organized by dispelling peaceful BLM protesters using teargas. A heavily protected Trump took a walk from the Rose Garden, where he spoke about the importance of law and order, to the historical church, in June this year.

Upon reaching his desired spot in front of a graffiti-laden board outside the church, Trump, in his typical expression with lips pursued thin, moved the bible as if assessing its weight. The outer cover of the bible read 'God is Love'. On being asked, if it was his Bible, Trump responded saying "It's a Bible" while hoisting it up for everyone to see. The entire photo op, which did not include any member of the church, lasted for about 17 minutes.