Trump Campaign Mocked For Marking 'September 31' in Letter; Fund Raiser Mail Leaves Donors Confused

The election campaign of US President Donald Trump was trolled on social media after it sent fund raising emails with 'September 31st' in the subject line to its donors. However, a fresh email was sent again with a changed subject line, 'Time is running out.'

The US Presidential election is scheduled to be held on November 3. Hoping to gain a second term at the White House, Trump would be facing democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden on the election day.

september 31
The fund raising email sent to Trump Donors. Twitter

In the email sent from a account called Trump Finance, the sender asked the receivers of the email for donations to reach their 'goal'. However, it was the subject line that caught the fancy. It mentioned September 31, a non-existent date.

According to Snopes, the mail stated, "We just went over the list of supporters who helped us CRUSH our September End-of-Quarter Goal and we noticed that YOUR NAME was MISSING from the donor list. You have always been a steadfast supporter of President Trump and Vice President Pence, so we were surprised to see that you neglected to help us reach our goal."

However, soon after the campaign runners realized their mistake and resent the same email with a different subject line, 'Time is running out.'

Twitter Floods With September 31 Memes

The microblogging site was flooded with screenshots of the viral email in which the users highlighted the gaffe September 31.

"I will totally donate to the Trump campaign on September 31. I'll send them the money strapped to the back of a pig, just as soon as the snowstorm in Hell abates so the pig can take flight. I'm sure the donation will arrive by the 12th of Never," wrote a user.

"I want them to walk back this. a question for trump during the next debate: how many days does September have. Just received this in my email this morning, and no - there is no further mention of the 31 September date," mentioned other.

"It doesn't matter who's moderating. Look at the incompetence of the Trump administration. They think September has 31 days," read a tweet.