Trailblazing AI Companies Headquartered in Singapore: Driving Innovation Forward

These are making significant strides in their respective domains and driving innovation forward.

Singapore has emerged as a global hub for innovation and technology, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). The city-state is home to several trailblazing AI companies that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI-driven solutions. In this article, we will explore the top five AI companies headquartered in Singapore that are making significant strides in their respective domains and driving innovation forward.

AI powered comapnies


Taiger, founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Dr Sinuhe Arroyo, has established itself as a leading AI company in Singapore. Their core business revolves around transforming unstructured data into valuable insights through their advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology. Taiger's AI-powered solutions enable organizations to automate processes, streamline operations, and extract meaningful information from vast amounts of data. In 2017 TAIGER was awarded Gartner Cool Vendor Winner of Citibank Fintech Challenge. With a strong focus on deep learning and cognitive computing, Taiger is revolutionizing industries such as banking, healthcare, and government sectors.


ViSenze, founded in 2012, specializes in visual AI and deep learning technologies. Their core business is centered around developing AI solutions for visual search and image recognition. ViSenze's advanced algorithms enable businesses to provide enhanced visual search experiences, allowing users to find products based on images rather than textual descriptions. With applications in e-commerce, retail, and digital advertising, ViSenze is reshaping how consumers discover and interact with visual content.

Active AI

This Singapore-based fintech startup employs artificial intelligence to provide conversational banking services, with the goal of redefining their digital strategy for the future while bringing automation and ensuring insightful customer engagement. It employs NLP and machine learning to enable customers to engage in natural conversations via messaging, voice, or IoT devices. They are preparing banks for the conversational era with AI.


Trax was founded in 2010 by Joel Bar-El and Dror Feldheim. It has gained prominence as a pioneer in computer vision and retail analytics. Their AI-powered platform leverages image recognition and machine learning algorithms to provide real-time retail analytics and shelf monitoring solutions. Trax enables retailers and consumer packaged goods companies to optimize their product placements, monitor stock levels, and improve in-store execution. By automating retail processes and generating actionable insights, Trax is transforming the way retailers operate and enhancing the shopping experience for consumers.


BasisAI, founded in 2018, focuses on providing AI platforms and solutions for enterprises. Their core business centers around enabling organizations to leverage AI for enhanced decision-making and data analytics. BasisAI's platform combines machine learning, natural language processing, and explainable AI techniques to help businesses harness the power of their data. By offering AI solutions that are transparent, compliant, and trustworthy, BasisAI aims to accelerate the adoption of AI in the enterprise space.

The AI companies headquartered in Singapore are at the forefront of driving innovation and reshaping industries through their groundbreaking AI solutions. Taiger, ViSenze, 4Paradigm, Trax, and BasisAI are trailblazers, revolutionizing the way businesses operate, make decisions, and interact with data. With their deep expertise in AI technologies, these companies are setting new benchmarks and paving the way for Singapore to be a global leader in AI innovation. As they continue to push the boundaries of AI capabilities, the impact of their trailblazing work will undoubtedly extend far beyond the city-state's borders.

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